Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Well, cleaning the house didn't happen this weekend. I pulled something in my rib cage area and yikes it hurtest. I woke up Thursday morning and went..owwitch..I thought it would pass, but I have a habit of sleeping so soundly I never know which limb has been twisted in the oddest position and never wake up to feel the pain until the dawns early light. God forbid we have a tornado I will never hear it if it happens at night.

So, if by chance you have been holding your breath waiting to see the El Martino Ranch, I would suggest you exhale, because it ain't happening bow diddly.

We are having a small turkayyyy for Easter sup's. I thought I put it in too late, but then I realized I have a convection feature in my oven that does it faster. I just checked it and it looks like the turkey that exploded when they carved it in one of those Chevy Chase Christmas movies. I letting it go. Less leftovers... The remains will be good for making soup. But I wished I could have found a bunny to eat. No luck. I hope you don't take it the wrong way, it was a family tradition and I was the last one on board after Mom made the first one, but I got talked into it and it was really good.

I gotta whole pile of work done this afternoon with my bookwork for income tax. Why oh why do I leave it so long? I should do it every month, but there always seems so much to do. My rib was hurting so much today because yesterday I decided to ignore it and scrub the tub and do general maintenance around here. But tonight it is feeling better, hopefully by tomorrow I can sit properly without putting any pressure on it.

Well time to test out turkey lurky.... one poke and it will evaporate.

I, for one should never have recipe blog, Lord knows I don't even like eating food, I just like looking at recipes and making them, but low and behold saith the Lord.. you are even slacking off on making them! Yes, Lord, my time constraints seem to butt into making an attractive meal, not served on paper plates. And Lord, if you could please try to find a way I could quit my job so I could provide better meals for my husband and dog, I would so like that. Just so you know.

Supper: Just like I thought...I stuck the knife in the turkey... and it went psssst... it was close to collapsement. So really it was no fuss no muss, I just gathered what was left, put it out. threw it on a plate with all the rest of the stuff. But remind me never to do this again. If you are going to do a turkey dinner, you should invite family.. If you only do it for's not the same.

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