Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm an idiot..but you probably knew that

I read a lot of blogs during the week. Sometimes I get a little dyslexic. A lot of people use blogger, typepad, wordpress....whatever. Last month I found some blogs in a place called Dairy Land. (Stop laughing right now.) I thought it was so cool. Dairy Land. The land of butter and cows. I thought all the blogger citizens of "Dairy Land" lived in a huge gated Internet community surrounded by white fences and rolling hills.. with horses grazing and cattle mooing. A picturesque quaint blog site somewhere in Montana or wherever cattle graze in the USA.

When I started reading their blogs I never noticed anything different about them. Yes, they were not in the same format I was used to, but it was kind of hard getting around. Also, their templates were..hmmm a litttttle weird. But they were Dairy bloggers so I figured they had to use the templates Dairy land had to offer. I found some really good blogs in there. Nice people.

Last week, I was reading a blog, and the person said she was so happy to have a place like Dairy Land (I was still reading it that way) ..to be able to write a personal Diary. Ooops..the lights came on...Dairy, Diary....OMG. for shit's sake it was THEIR FRICKING DIARY. No cows, no nothing and they don't live in a gated white fenced cow infested Internet community!

It' sort of like ...when.. for years... you have been singing the wrong words to a song.

So, to all the people in Diary Land I have commented on...I apologize.. I really thought ya'll lived on the farm.

I feel so jaded now, I can't look at your posts the same way. You aren't living on the ranch land country I thought you were, mind you I have only read a few of your blogs. So perhaps I only have egg on one side of my face.

But let's face it, I will miss Dairy Land. It just seemed so safe.

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