Monday, March 10, 2008

I know it's pink and cute in here

But I'm still your ole crusty the clown. Don't get too comfortable. Pink stinks. And so do I.

It was so warm today, I almost got killed by a huge snowbank on the top of our roof at work. In front of our shop we have a V shaped little sub roof just above our door. I was not aware it might be lethal. Around 10:00 AM I heard a thump and saw some snow fall down at the front door. ..never gave it a thought. I went out a little later for a smoke...came back in, and I guess after the door shut an avalanche of snow toppled off the roof! Right where I was standing. It would have broke my neck. It was so heavy and water laden it would have crushed my noggin.
Oy.. it was fate I say! Then I went out with a big rake and tried to get the rest of it down but the handle of the rake got crazy, and hit my face when it sort of got out of control. No worries, I have many faces, I will just delete that one.

I had a very unusual experience coming home from work. I went to Safeway to pick up a few groceries and then took my normal shortcut back home. This route takes me down a narrow street to a stop sign, and then go down the back lane of an condo complex to the main road back home. It's just a shortcut, so I don't have to go back through the busy road home.

I was just coming up to the stop sign on the narrow road I was talking about, and there was a little black car sitting there. I waited, and waited and the little car was not going anywhere. So, I thought perhaps they had a problem, and pulled along side of the car to get passed it, so I could move on. As I did this I looked over to the car, and saw a young kid at the wheel, and a woman who was shaking her fists. I thought..OMG she is beating on this kid! I stopped. When I stopped, she got out of the passenger seat, and yelled "you G.D. fucking bitch" ...we have the right of way. Huh.....I opened my passenger side window and said "you guys were parked." Oh holy hell, that set her off..she called me every name in the book and some. She went ballistic and yelled .MOVE right now. MOVE BITCH. I moved. I saw the fear on the kid's face who was driving. He couldn't have been more than 16 and here was his mom making a big scene. She may have been giving him instructions on how to start and stop, and I came upon the lesson without knowing who was at the wheel. They followed me down the lane and then down to the main street, going to my house. But he was driving very slowly, so I could tell he was not a seasoned driver. I was afraid, she would take over and try to kick my ass. I drove home really fast.

Why would a woman do that to her kid? Now we will just have another "road raged warrior" out there. What a shame. She just taught him that is was okay to to lam blast another driver even if you are at fault. Poor, poor kid. I felt so sorry for him. He looked so scared.

I wanted in the worst way to get in her face.! But, I took the poor kid in consideration and moved on. I called her names all the way home...the vision of poor little pimply kid that was learning to drive kept on creeping up on me; and I felt so bad for him. He didn't deserve this. I saw him following me very slowly as I was going home, and then they turned off.

She was just a MotherF*er. I wonder what else she had done to her son. It just breaks my heart.

I have been subject to road rage maybe two or three times, and it is scary. Usually it's guy's in half ton trucks. It's something about these Manitoba rednecks that think you have to beat every red light. And if you don't, they come swerving in front of you ..showing off their balls... and let you know you pissed them off. Well, it's always nice to see them at the next red light as you pull up beside these bastards.

Ya sad it that.

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