Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm changing my template

I need to kick it up a notch. Those pencils are starting to bug me.

I could kick up the content, (but of course...) grrrrrrrrrr.....but I'm all about the way it looks. I'm a shallow fallow, fellow, mellow, yellowbellied cat fish. gawwd it's getting b.a.d.

I'm going to start making shit up. Because winter is giving me the winter brain drain just drips out like diarrea... a little at a time and you can't take the big one and just get it out.

So, to alleviate my pain I bought a camera today. A digital camcorder/camera. It was on for half price and of course the pictures it takes may well be half assed. Let's see after I get the battery charged. It's just something new to learn. Yes boys and girls, more toys, but I love my toys.

Just a bitch: Daylight savings time is starting next Sunday. Fuff.. Who needs more daylight when it 40 fucking below. I just want to wallow in the dark when I come home from work.

.............drifting into the black hole.

If I can get the camera going tomorrow...I will take a picture of my hole.

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