Thursday, March 27, 2008

okay I am so over knock knock jokes

I didn't even understand the last one I made up last night. I knew it didn't make any sense when I left the computer to have supper, and after that I hit publish and went to bed. Fool.

There is a fine line between sanity and spring. I am at that place. Daylight savings time is ripping my ass.

If the forecast is correct, by the weekend we should have a shit load of snow coming our way. Daylight savings time is a whore. You get your hopes up, and then she asks for $200.00 bucks more. If THEY would have just let it be dark at 6:00 PM we would all be okay.... soooo what it's winter and let's deal with it. BUT NO...some asshole in the universe has decided he will tell us when the hell to get up and when to get to bed!

I can't tell how boring it is, when the sun is streaming into my snow laden back yard and deck at 6:00 PM, and it 40 below. Okay maybe 20, but who gives a hairy rats ass, you can't get out there. I want it to be dark RIGHT now, until spring comes. DO YOU HEAR ME! Whoa, too many caps, I might be losing it.

I just took a bite out of doggie cookie I had sitting on my desk, thinking it was one of my snacks...oy ya ...I better cool down. It didn't taste bad, it was a green one. I was always wondering if they tasted like mint...they don't. They taste like ass. I guess that is why my Penny likes them.

Gord, my loving husband is shopping again. You don't want know what he brought home really don't. Every time his business is slow, he goes around to all the stores looking for bargains...and sometimes for stuff we really need. But, this time. He came back with not one but two Stainless Steel Buffet Servers with 3 warming trays. That makes 6 warming trays all my math.

At first when he brought them in I didn't really want to hurt his feelings and tell him...WTF are you doing? I just asked politely... for what occasions might we be using this for? CHRISTMAS...says he. Now when we have Christmas dinner for the family, we can keep it in a warm buffet restaurant style. You don't have to worry about keeping stuff warm. Well, I never do, I just wing it and keep it as hot as possible when you have 20 people over.

Apparently this Christmas he found my barbecued ribs (not my real ribs) were warmish. It was not to the heat level he wanted for him and our guests to experience. BECAUSE everything he eats has to burn the roof of his mouth. So, he bought these gigantic warming trays ...2 of them, that would be able to serve a buffet at a Polish wedding. With extras for the accordion players.

I have been looking at them, I haven't taken them out of the box yet, but maybe when spring finally comes around, I should quit my job, and start a catering business.

You don't know the trouble I've seen. ( sing with me) I can't hear you!!

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