Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring boiiiinnng boiiinnng (jumping sounds) Pink I stink

I'm springing it up. "Spring up..."Fall down". Change yer clocks. You know the drill. Never has there been a longer winter than this year. Daylight savings time abounds. Time to get out the kitchen chair, move it across the room, climb up with the good leg , and try to reach the kitchen clock, which is much higher than is normal. I don't why I just didn't just attach it to the ceiling. And it was kinda crusty. Cleaning clocks is something I never think of doing, unless you are tailgating me with your V12 SUV..then I jump into Clock Cleaning Mode. Back to taking the clock off the wall..near the ceiling fortheloveofgod. I changed the time on the clock and tried to put it back on the little teeny tiny nail on the wall. The nail ..who also has no use for daylight savings time, retracted into the drywall. He was getting a little tired of all the fuss every year. So, I'm still up on the chair. Now I have to dig the nail out of the drywall and make sure it comes out enough to accomdate the stinking clock..who was being a bitch. I looked at the back of the clock, blew out some cob webs..which went right into my glasses..thankyou!! Anyway I eyeballed the little"U" in the back of the clock...and made my way past the top of micowave and hit it dead on the nail...Houston...we have a lift off!!

I changed the time on my watch, and my stove timer, but as of this writing I have not changed the alarm clock in the bedroom. If you must know why, I am afraid. I have a system. I always have my alarm clock set a half hour ahead of the time I get up. Yeah, I know. But I need this time to stretch out, pick my nose, snuggle back in while the snooze button keeps beeping at 15 minute intervals. I always know I have this 30 minute timeline to get my shit together. I always process the time and lay there and think...ohh I have 30 I have 20, now I have...opps it over time.

Now, in the mornings to come, I will have no rest. I will be calculating my half hour, and the what if's of daylight savings time... What time would it really be? Are we ahead an hour...or are we behind? My thinking is muddled in the early light. I will change my clock, but I know I will be thinking ..what time IS IT REALLY? Mind games.

Do we really have to see the snow for an hour longer than usual. I think not. I love it when the sun goes down, I don't have to look at it anymore. Said my piece.

Sunday night supper: Holopshi aka. cabbage rolls. I overfilled my little roaster and now I smell it leaking out the sides. Smells like home.

I am still trying to figure out my new camera. I took a lot of video over the weekend and put it up in Vimeo and U Tube, but my computer is running on Ram empty and it always cuts out before I can get it downloaded. I'm taking the desktop to a neighbourhood shop to get at least a gig stick put in. I'm so sick and tired of waiting....and waiting for any response from this sucker. But ladies and gentlemen, that is what you get for buying a Dell computer for $350.00 three years ago with 256 memory. That is unheard of say you computer ..ahh...people!! Well folkies that's my life. We could be out of jobs, sick, no place to live WHY do you think you need more than ..whatever it is...256mgs?

Time to get supper on the table.


..there will be cabbage farting happening near dawn. But, I will be awake anyway calculating how many more minutes of sleep I have before I get up.

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