Monday, March 24, 2008

Knock Knock...

Who's there?

Mother Nature

Mother Nature who?

Can't you see me, jackass? I must have lost my powers. For heavens sake!

Knock Knock: Who's there?

I just fucking told you, it's ME, mother nature!!

Knock Knock:

OKAY ALREADY, it's me... Mother Nature, I will make the sun shine, the robins sing, and made sure your tampons don't leak.

I may have been a little rude, excuse me but all that knocking was giving me a migraine. It's been really hard to get the license from Microsoft for my new software, when loaded, will make the sun shine out of your ass.

No need for sun to get those veggies growing. Just Google "sun coming out of my ass"...and you should get to my site and you can download it from there. It's my Mother Nature gift to you. Then all of you whiners will shut up about spring. Just squat down, put a little sunshine in where you want to grow something and make it happen. Gardening is very simple when you have Mother Nature to help you.

Yours ...somewhat truly...
Mother Nature. balonie style

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