Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The hangover after the long weekend

I don't really have a hangover, just feels that way. When the long week-end approaches you feel so excited to have 3 days off, and when it's over...well it's over and then you get a dumpster like feeling...BUT..I have trained my brain to think positive..and tell it, you only have 4 more days of work left instead of five. My little trained brain luvs that. It is instinctively happy again. Sometimes it gets a wee bit confuzzled, but not for long, because something that small can't be screwed up that easy.

It managed to get to work this morning, but not with some dismay. We had a major power outage on Saturday during a thunderstorm. Being the genius that I am, I did not change the time in our bedroom clock radio over the weekend...I was thinking....to hell with the world..I will get up any frigging time I want to. Backfired..big time. On Monday night I saw the evil clock a'blinking before I hit the hay. Hubby was already "sawing logs" in the bed...so as I can't really concentrate and all...(his fault) I changed all the settings, making sure that I made them at least 15 minutes later than real time...because I like to fool myself in the morning. The alarm went off this morning, and I'm thinking I have another 15 minutes to either try to get that frigging cramp outta my leg, or just snooze...the cramp won out. I am in major pain, my leg is tighter than a fart, and I start massaging it, without trying to yell out loud. Okay, done, I'm out of bed, go into the kitchen, and look at the clock on the stove... and it's 8:15 wellfortheloveofmike... I turned the clock down 15 minutes instead of up...duffesssssenesss. No time for a shower ...ewwww.. just put some water on the ole helmet..brush it down and try to make the best of it...brushed my tooth (LOL)..cause this sounds like a red-neck story. Grabbed a pair of jeans...found my fav hoodie sweatshirt...drank 1/2 cup of coffee.. fed the dog...and got my ass into my big horking ole peoples van...and headed in to work. I was 5 minutes late. I walked in ...cool...whistling like nuttin was wrong. Well, there was nobody there, my boss had taken the day off...and I forgot... Somebody...shoot me... Well, I spent a itchy day...without me shower and stuff..smelling my armpits and such..ewww ..at least my tooth was brushed...thank you god!!

Now, on the bright side again, there is only 3 days left till the weekend. I'm counting on it.

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