Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Night

Creative title, dontcha think? All my work is done for the weekend, and the laundry is done...thank you lord!! The chicken is in the oven, stuffing is made, potatoes peeled, veggies on hold. So, I have a little time out till Gord gets home, which should be any minute.

We had a good Attitude Adjustment Hour yesterday, my nephew, his wife and kids joined us in our little kitchen. Seven ( so called adults, two small children and a dog)It was wackooo yelling, dog barking, people talking and drinking and eating trying to talk over each other...hey family and friends are good things. The kidlets were so cute, they had just got back from a company picnic and they had their faces all painted up and shit. Unfortantely, most of the colour was a mustard looking thing ...not pretty at all...looked like they had fell in a mustard vat at a hot dog eating contest. I was going to put up a pic, but the "rents" are a little internet shy with them kidlets, so I thought better of it. (or until they tell me I can).

The funniest part was when the youngest "Mckenna" came in with her parents and saw her grandma was sitting at the table....she could not believe it...I guess she has never seen her grandma in a different setting than at their house or hers except Christmas. She kept asking..."grandma, why is you here?" come Grandma, why aren't you at your own house... poor little kid was blown away, she didn't know Grandma had a life and came to other peoples houses. The kids know our the "Christmas House" because we always do Christmas here with the family. But they certainly didn't think Sheila should be here when it wasn't Christmas!

Sheila is doing much better and is now back at work after 6 months of chemo and radiation. She is a brave soul..she is. She finally dumped her wig, and her hair is coming back.

I'm going to get her a T-Shirt...that says "I beat Cancers ASS"....but I wait until her next check-up, cancer has a way of sneaking back...fucker..

Off to make da chicken ...smells so good...

Have a good week..


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