Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Morning coming down

It's still friggin raining...doesn't do much for the disposition.

I spent most of Saturday, trying to find out why I cannot comment of your blogs at home but I can do it work..I can comment on Leslie's... and that is it...I don't know why? ..and a few others that have blogger comments???

Anywho, on Saturday I was gung ho...thinking I was going to fix this shit. First thing I thought of was that I may have screwed something up by putting that "side blog" crap in there, so I removed it...nadda...made no difference...then Ms. K suggested I try to go to Fire Fox ..I downloaded it...and I could not get it to work..."it could not find "start" it kept saying that over and I took it out...reinstalled it about three times...and it always said the same thing. fuck.. and then it startin messing with some of my desktop stuff.

I tried to get help on haloscan, but I can't find my problem in their help files. So, tonight, I think I will go back into haloscan and try to put it in again, in case I screwed up a code when I was putting in "side blog"...I dunno.......because I think my problem started just after I put in the side blog.... and if redoing halo scan works...I swear..I will never touch CODE's been the ruinanation of me for petesake...and if you never see a comment from me again, unless I am at will know I have once again...gefucked it..(that's german)...or have I pointed that out before?

I just saw Gord pulling in the driveway, with an old bud right behind him, driving a 2003, canary yellow Corvette Convertable. Now, that is a ugly car...the car itself is okay...but it's baby shit yellow!!..totally classless, but so is his friend.. Nothing new here..

I am being summoned to sit out in the trailer we have sitting beside out house...apparently, Mr. rich guy..classless.. wants to rent it for the summer(while he builds his huge cottage at the lake) ..don't think so...I needs me my little trailer...just soo's the rest of the cul de sacers know...I am still trashy....and I will keep it for years to come, sitting there where they can see it every day, hopin' it will go away.... it's not going to happen on my watch!! It's an old trailer...but it's a wonderful little get away..and we only have to walk about 10 feet from the house to get to it....vacation...vacation...vacation.... I luv the sign in front of says "The Schmidt House"...too funny...

Well, gotta fly, and tell jerk face he's not getting my trailer...after all, I have my rep to think of..

Later gators

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