Sunday, May 22, 2005

Penny's Ponderings

I am so happy Joan asked me to fill in for her today. Usually I just watch her blog, but today I'm in the "hot seat."

Joan and I met 5 years ago. I was living on the other side of town, with a older lady who took me in after my parents got divorced. She was a very nice person to take me in on such short notice. I loved her grandchildren, we had so much fun together. I was much younger than her, and was full of energy. I was always bugging her to do things with me, but she didn't have the energy to keep up with me. One day, she phoned her son and asked him to come over, she had a decision to make. She asked me to leave the room and closed the door. I heard them talking for a long time, and then they made a few phone calls. After about an hour, they opened the door and called me into the kitchen. I came into the room, not knowing what to expect, and everyone seemed so sad. She came over and gave me a kiss, and said I would have to go with her son to meet some people. Her son was parked outside in the driveway waiting for me while she packed up a few things for me to take on my trip. Before I got into the car, she gave me a big hug, and said she would see me later.

We drove for about 15 minutes, and pulled into the mall. It was very crowded. He said, we would have to go in for awhile to see some people. I was happy enough to do that, because I had been at this particular mall once before and made some good friends at the store we were going to.

Once inside, we met a lady, who "the son" had called on the phone. She looked at me, and said she was very glad to meet me, and would we follow her into her office. Once inside, she asked "the son" to sit down, because she had some forms he had to fill out. She asked him a bunch of questions, which he answered while he was filling out the papers. When he was finished, he called me over and told me that I would be staying here until someone younger than his mother could take care of me. He kissed my nose, shook my paw...and left.

I was confused, where was he going? He left me here all alone with a stranger. The lady was very nice to me, she patted my head and told me not to worry, someone would soon come along and adopt me. I had been to Pet Land many times before, and it was the best place in the world, I would get to meet all the dogs in the store, and get a treat before going home. This time, however, it was different. She took my leash and guided me to my barren kennel. I was told to "stay" there and wait for someone to bring in my belongings and give me fresh water and some food. I began to shiver, this was getting scary. The kennel had a glass window in front of it and I could see all the people in the store looking at me. I started to cry. In a few minutes another lady came in with my toys and food and water. She tried to get me to play with my toys, but my heart was not in it. All I wanted to do, was to go home! Eventually she left me there alone. It was so loud in there, dogs were barking in the kennel beside me, birds were chirping, people were laughing and talking loud. I moved to the furthest corner, put my paws over my ears and tried to make it all go away. After an hour or so, the lady came back in my kennel and put my leash back on..YES..."the son" must have come back for me!! Not so. She led me to a veterinary office attached to the building. Here she had a chat with the receptionist, and then I was led into a little room with a table it it. The lady stayed with me while we were waiting for something to happen. Soon a man came in with a white coat and a big smile. Sooo, he said, this must be Penny. I loved him right away, he tickled my ears, and patted my head in a good way. After a few minutes, he picked me up and put me on the table. He asked the lady a few questions, and then he poked and prodded me for a few minutes, but I didn't mind, because he was paying a lot of attention to me. Soon, he had finished looking me over, and decided that I might need a needle after looking over my chart. He turned me around and whispered in my ear...don't be afraid...and stuck the needle in my rear end. It didn't really hurt, just startled me for a minute. After that was over, he told the lady that I was ....good to go.

The lady led me back out of the office, and back into the kennel. Once again I was left alone with all the noise and people gawking at me through the window. I started to cry again, but this time nobody came. So, I just curled up again and tried to shut it out. Finally all the people went home, and all the lights went out. It got a little quieter, I could still hear dogs growling, cats meowing, and birds chirping. It was a long long night. I finally fell asleep, but woke up in the middle of the night and didn't know where I was...I panicked, but then remembered the events of the day before. I had to go pee, but didn't know where to go. I sniffed around and around, but didn't want to dirty up the floor. Finally I did it in the corner. I felt bad. I drank a little water, and found my toy beside the dog food. Something familiar was good, I picked it up and brought to my corner and tucked it under my chin and fell asleep. I awoke in the morning with a start...people were coming in and checking on me to see if I needed more water and food. I didn't because I wasn't hungry. More ladies came in later and patted my head and told me would be alright. I sat in my corner all day curled up and didn't look up once at all the people at the window. I just wanted this nightmare to be over. Later in the day one of the ladies came in and put the leash on me... I thought, please god...let "the son" be picking me up!!! No, it was not "the son". They led me into a little room, where another lady was sitting. She came up to me, then sat on the floor beside me and kissed my head...she tickled my ears...she tickled my belly...she whispered in my ear not to be afraid, because she loved me and I was what she had been looking for. I loved her back right away. She played with me for about an hour, then she told the lady she had to go, but would be back. I didn't understand that part, because when she left they put me back in the the kennel, and I started to cry again. To much happy, sad, happy, sad was wearing me down. I curled back up in corner and ignored everyone again. But, to my surprise and jubilation, SHE CAME BACK...with a new halter, a bright orange squeekie ball and doggie treats. She put the halter on me, after some struggling, and she filled out some forms for the lady, and we WALKED OUT OF THERE! I was still a little afraid because I didn't really know her, but she put me in her car, and we blew that popcorn stand.

Once we got to her house, I was shown a huge backyard.. to die for....and I whizzed all over it for about 10 minutes...I'd been holding it in for a long time. She took me in the house, and I sniffed it out and thought..."hey this looks like a good gig"...lets give it a chance. The only thing she didn't tell me was...that she had not told her husband..(now my dad)...that she was getting a new dog. The husband and her had lost their beloved dog "Munchie" who was 18 years old, 4 months before. The husband, was still not sure he wanted to commit to another relationship with a dog, after finding out how hard it was saying goodbye to the first one. Sooo..when he got home, he came into the kitchen...stepped back a few feet after seeing me...and said to her...I hope this is the neighbours dog! They talked loud for a few minutes, so I had a feeling this "gig" was coming to an end really quick. I had it in my head...that maybe I should just turn on the charm, because this guy looked like a soft touch. He was sitting at the kitchen table and I "sat pretty" right in front of him with my paws waving....he laughed...YES...he was mine!!!! The rest is history.

It's been five great years since I was adopted to the most wonderful people in the world...(Joan wrote that part)... I however, have some issues around here that could be improved with a little effort.

...If you don't like me coming in with dirty paws...don't let me out in the rain...even if I beg, or better yet, put sod over the garden..(that you never use) and guess what? more mud..but I will continue to go into the garden if it is still there.

...Walks could be done more frequently...because I like to hate other dogs on the street...and don't be tryin to get me to stop barking at them. I likes smelling their shit. (Penny is an ass on the street)..she should be banned...don't tell her I said this...shush

...The food: Whilst I likes me Lamb and Rice shit...I will only eat it if you give me something from your supper plate first. And if you don't give me any....I will pout and use my Pet Land face. know I have issues with that, because my coat is so dense, and it hurts when you pull that brush through there at breakneck, if my lip curls a bit you know you have done it too hard....and don't ever mess with my nails...only the purdy Vet. at the Animal hospital can do that...(remember when you cut one of them and made it bleed)..I stills remember that!!

..When I am sleeping curled up between you and the Mr. with my noggin dug in under the pillow, don't turn around all stupid and quick in the dark...because you scare me and I make a funny noise..but I would never bite only sounds like I's only the nitequil talking.

...Remember the days when you first got me...I ate everything in the house that had a fringe on it?...I'm totally over that, you can safely put back all your afghans and such on the couch. I won't touch em. Not as tasty as they used to be.

...I, however have some issues with my squeekie toys....I only like 1 out of 5 that you buy...and when I get that "one"...don't be telling me to shut up...cause once I get a tune happening with that bad boy, I am on a roll.

...Just a thought...if you could put the couch a little closer the the living room window, I wouldn't be falling in behind it when I am protecting YOUR house from predators, such as the mail man, flyer carriers, paper boys, dogs, or anything that moves in the front street. After all it would only take a couple of inches so as I wouldn't be falling behind it and making a fool of meself.

...Last but not spend waaaay to much time at the computer. I gets very tired of watching you clickity clackin there, when you should be patting me really hard.. walking me and kissing me and all.

Your friend,

Penny Martin

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