Sunday, May 01, 2005


An elephant asks a camel : " why are your breasts on your back?" " Well " says the camel "I think that's a strange question from somebody who's dick is on his face".

That one cracks me up!!.. anywho..

I've been blogging in my head all day whilst I was doing my chores. Everything is done, dog is walked, fish are fed, laundry is done, the chicken is in the oven, veggies and potatoes are on the stove awaiting their turn... so I can finally relax for the next hour. Now, about that blog I had in my head is's gone like the wind...I can't even remember any of it. This multi-tasking is for the birds..shit..

It's snowing again. I'm thinking that's why I'm a little addled today, cause I can't take much more of it!!! The poor Robins are starting to mate, and getting there little homes together, and what do they wake up inch of friggin snow. I could see they were surprised, they were all huddled up in my poplar tree with there beaks agape..or maybe they were hungry. I remember a few years ago we had a storm in May, and felt sooo sorry for them, and put out stacks of fruit beside the feeder (they don't eat seed)...but love to eat last years fruit from the trees. When I came home from work the next day after I put it out, it was all gone!!!..yeaaahhh I saved some Robins, but later came to realize my dog was eating it..little stinker...

I am a real sucker for anything that moves...even earthworms. Everytime it rains hard at work, all the earthworms beach themselves on our sidewalk...poor little critters. As of last week, I have saved 14 of them. They come out of the grass and move on the sidewalk when they are getting drowned. So, I take them off the sidewalk, and put them in the flower bed in front of the building, and within minutes they got their little noses buried in the dirt and start going back down. I actually had two a few weeks ago, that were almost dried up, they had been on the sidewalk way to long after the sun came out. I scooped them up and put em in the dirt, but they didn't move for a long time, but I came back out about 3 hours later, and they were gonzo...makes me feel good..even though its just a little worm. Now, if I would see a robin that was starving for a worm...I would give the worm to the robin...I don't know why, maybe because worms can't fly....fudge...I'm full of it tonight. If that theory is correct, and I should have a hungry alligator passing by my yard, I should feel obligated to throw him me dog!!!

Sure wish I could remember what my blog was going to be about tonight...cause I'm loosin it.

Okay, I think it's coming back..(now that I remember, it was really no big deal). First off I was going to a sequel to our Sarah Cee adventures. But, that takes so much effort remembering times frames, how many times did she sink at the dock, and how many times did she almost sink when we were on her... I have been scanning some pics, trying to make a little montage of it all. And you know, it really scares me to even remember how young and stupid we were, especially after she was given to us to use at our about a party boat!!....I will do that in the upcoming weeks. After Sarah met her maker...and we survived. Gord and I still really hadn't learned our lesson, but this time we decided to do it on land...and bought a huge motorhome, that we could not afford. Nothing new there, only thing is we could never go anywhere, cause we were to busy paying for it...Have you ever wondered where the saying "Do you have shit for brains" came was invented after Gord and myself.

Gord follows some kind an elusive dream...and get's me caught up in it.. I haven't even scratched the surface in my blogs....but we do stuff that makes no sense...and totally get off on it.. We have bought properties to rent out, with nuttin but a dollar in our pockets...because Gord said this would be our retirement money when we got old. I fought him on a lot of them, but you know what!!!'s always worked out and when we do retire we will have extra income. And not to worry if about RRSP crap.

We had Attitude Adjustment Hour last was very boring....both of my girlfriends were absentee....(yes they must have a life)... So I was stuck just listening to Gord and his brother yakkin it up. And I just realized this morning that will make it two weeks, next weekend that I don't have any females to talk to. At work, it's just guys..and at home it's just Gord and the dog..who is female, but she doesn't get my shit...NO...womenfolk to talk too all week, except for the neighbours and such...oh well...more time for blogging...

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