Friday, December 09, 2005

Gettin Ready for the Jolly Guy

Looks like someone got here before I did. Below is what was supposed to be in here before she showed up. That damn balonie.

I bought my first ever "real" Christmas tree since we moved to this house. It has been about 25 years since the last time. She is a beauty...lets me tell you! She stands about 7 feets high, and has a perfect Angel pointy thing on top. The house smells of make that pine needles. Penny is scared of it. Little baby! She smelled it a few times, and I was just waiting for her to lift her gay leg, but a needle dropped and scared her off. Wussssss.

I got off work a little early on Friday, and dropped by the Christmas tree place just outside of Safeway. It was raining. Fudge. I had envisioned a nice snowy Christmasie experience when buying my tree. I had my big parka on, and put up my hood, and started trudging down the rows. They were all perfect. What's up with that? I was looking to score the best one out of the bunch. I guess they now grow the trees especially for Christmas, and they all look good. What ever happened to raping the forests, and doing mass cutting for us privelged folks here in the city at Christmas? I guess the good ole days are over. There isn't a Charlie Brown tree to be had. I know I could have gone out to one of those "cut your own tree down" farms, but at the risk of losing one of my limbs in the process, I opted out.

Everything is up, all the outside lights, the tree, the "village" of the damned, just saying that because I had a slight altercation with it. The phoney snow, would not co-operate with the phoney village and it's inhabitants. Finally I contacted the Mayor of Phoney Village (the Bergermeister) and demanded to know why my village houses were tipping to the left. Did they had a earthquake since last year, or were just a village of idiots?" The latter seemed to be the problem. Apparantley they are a very small village and all related to each other. It seems a lot of them are wearing their underwear as a hat. He suggested that I should just turn the lights off in the houses that were leaning, because there wasn't "anybody at home" anyway!!

What a big job this was, yeah I know..I say that every year and people of getting tired of me complaining, and I'm getting a little tired of it meself.

I took of few pics over the weekend...none which turned out very

This is my mom's Christmas Cactus that I inherited, it only has a few blooms on it.

Someone had too much egg nog...Mr. Star has a problem.

Momma bird and baby birdies....I have had them on my tree for about 15 years. I loves them.

This little fella I have had since we were married. He is always front and centre on my tree. About 5 years ago, he broke his leg, but I set him in the tree anyway, you can't see it.

We had beautiful nice gentle snowfall today, and it was mild outside so it made putting up the outside lights fun.

I still have to do all my shopping, get my cards out...lord it never ends.

I got supper on the stove, I'm making a pot roast which is smelling devine.

Time to go and finish my laundry... and try to take the ugly look off my dogs face, since I haven't spent my every waking moment playing with her, god she is high maintenance! Which reminds me, I took a cute pic of her the other day..

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