Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

Well all the hoopla is just about over. Tomorrow we have Gord's family over and then it's done. AND I HAVE THE REST OF THE WEEK TO MYSELF!!

Let's just start off by saying, I got a toaster for Christmas. Shut-up, I can hear you laughing from here! Hey, I asked for this toaster, it's more than a toaster, it's a work of art. Very stylish and sleek, it belongs on a smart granite countertop not on my phony butcher block one, but it is very cool. I had to laugh at the instructions, it said "do not use toaster if it is lying on its side." I can't see why not, it would be just that much easier .. when it pops out, just have your plate laying there, waaalaaa!! Maybe I could train it to jump in the butter bowl...yup just another time saver!!

There was no laptop under the tree for me however, blah..but I knew that was a selfish wish. Maybe next year.

I also got the thickest most fluffy, real sheepskin car seat cover for the big horking van. I'm always complaining that the leather seats are so cold in winter, and I put an old sweater over the seat to keep my tush from freezing. Now, me bum will be toasty warm. Did you notice there is a "toast" theme to all my gifts? Our wonderful neighbor's dropped in here and there all day, dropping off little gifts. I have huge pans of homemade baking and two bottles of wine. There is everything imaginable in baking trays!! Another neighbor left a card and a bottle of rum hanging on the door knob outside. Then our neighbor's right next door brought over and box of Wurthers candy. On Friday, the owners of the little Greek restaurant we frequent at work, brought over and tin of Greek delicacies. And, then one of Gord's tenants gave us a box of chocolates plus a 50.00 gift certificate from Tony Roma's...YES!! It's very nice to have such caring and kind friends and neighbor's.

Poor Penny, I put her toys in her stocking last night, and she caught me! She stayed downstairs and lay under the Christmas tree all night. She wouldn't even go for a whizz!! She wanted her stocking!!!

This morning when we were opening prezzies, she finally got her stocking...she was the happiest pooch in the world when she saw it coming down. I left one toy in it just to drive her wild, I shouldn't have because she ate the tassel off the hat on the mouse type stocking.

I made bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, and after that we sort of fell in a trance and vegged out. I was going to try to get ahead of the game and get prepared for tomorrow, but I had no juice left. So, I'll be off to the races tomorrow, cleaning, and cooking. I will have a lot of help tho, because everyone is bringing something. I am having a cow roast. Gord bought the biggest rib roast in the entire world. I was very surprised to see it came without legs. I now own a dead heifer. I was going to name it, because it had possibilities of being a pet, other than the fact it was deceased, but I didn't want to get too attached to "Daisy."

I even got a Christmas call from Ms. Special K! She is bound and determined to try to eat 700 lbs. of food in one sitting. I sure would like to see how much of that she gets on her frontal region. Thanks for calling made my day!!

I am going to try to put windows messenger on this dismal piece of shit I call a computer. For some reason, I have problems with IM programs. My SIL said she would see what the problem is tomorrow.

I bought a small turkey for the two of us tonight, and it smells really good. I haven't named her either, due the attachment problem I have, but Dolores is one fine smellin bird.

I'm laughing at Gord. He cannot stand doing nothing at all. He tried several times today to get out of the house, but I caught his little feeble excuses and nipped them in the bud. So, he decided to sleep the day away. So much the better, because we don't work as a team. I'll bet he will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow raring to get the H E double toothpicks atta here!!

This was our first Christmas experience with rain. Yes, it rained on Christmas eve. There is something evil lurking, this has never happened. All the snow has now turned into a huge pile of ice.

Time for me to go....but first I would like to wish all of you who drop into my humble abode, and very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful new year. It's been a great pleasure for me to meet all of you, and participate in the highs, lows or just the day to day stuff that happens in our daily lives. In enjoy reading your blogs, even though sometimes I am a little remiss due to time constraints.

Be well!


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