Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm not in a writie mood tonight, just thought I would post some of my fav pics of Christmas. These are only some that I have retrieved since I lost all my stuff on my computer last year at this time.

Christmas is a coming, and I can't for the love of me get going on it. I feel like I am betraying someone, I don't know who. I just feel tired and I wanna go to bed, and make it all go away. Even the pictures aren't doing it for me this year. What the hell is wrong with me? I know I need some time off, just for me. No constant pressure of work and home. And you know, when I actually have a day off with nothing pressing to do, I have no idea what to do. My mind darts here and there, I have a little time to do something I love.....but I don't do anything! I am overwhelmed. This free time doesn't happen very often, and I know full well I will not have time to carry out anything. I will have to go back to work the next day....and put that book down, scrap the scrapbooking project I started, and put down one of the hundred crocheting afghans I have started.

As I was leaving Safeway today, one of my fav cashiers, greeted me and she said, "are you as tired as I am?" (she is about my age) And I weakly answered, "yes", ... and to make me feel better, she said..."well, no wonder, with all our stress, we will be either have a stroke or cancer." So, my mood driving home was a little gloomy, and it hasn't let up yet.

It's probably just the pre-Christmas blues...yes, thats it!! I will feel much better on boxing day when 17 relatives hit my house wanting food, gifts and beverages....nevermind, I'll get over it.

The first few pics are of my nieces trip to Falcon Lake last winter.

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