Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mood has much improved

All it took was my boss telling me I HAVE THE WHOLE WEEK OFF NEXT WEEK!!!! If he wouldn't be such a Holy righteous Mennonite, I would have kissed him on the lips!! Lucky for him he was about 10 feet from me. Yes, he is lucky. BECAUSE, if I would have had to work, I would have ...hmmmm..gone in and worked, wuss that I am. I have no guts. HA!

So, after all the hoopla is over, I will get out that book I haven't finished (or did I bring it back to the library already)? I will finish my crocheting ( or did I unravel it already?) Yesterday was all about ME..poor poor me. I am an arsehole. I have so much to be thankful for. I feel the stress leaving me, I can kick back after boxing day and do sweet fart all!!! until after New Years...I am so happy.

I was even singing to Penny in the backyard as we were having playtime. I sang Jingle Bell Rock. It stopped her in her tracks a few times when I hit a note that didn't exist, but we had a good time. The weather here has been so mild, it was even raining today!!

I have a Christmas game for y'all to play"

It was pretty cool, but you have to remember your adjectives and adverbs...I had to think for awhile because me brain didn't register them after being outta school so long. That is probably very obvious in my blog. I don't pay much attention to those kinda things. A great writer I will never be.

Well, with my new "attitude adjustment" today, I will leave you and apologize to my husband who just came home. I have made his life interesting these last few days!! He has the "deer in the headlights" look about him lately, and doesn't know what to expect when he gets home. It's a damn good thing he never married a chick with super PMS or bad menopausal tendencies....he would be so confused.

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