Thursday, December 29, 2005

I am fussing and mussing.. and I blew the house down

I have spent the entire day fussing with my blog. I am bound and determined on figuring out how the html works. But determination was won out by pure stupidity. I settled for a little Happy New Years tag on top. THEN, I had to put two of the same on top and the little one underneath, because if there wasn't two big ones up there, the little sat right next to the big one and looked stupid, just like me. I'm growling like a big mad dog!! I know that makes no sense.

Today was the day I was going to put Windows Messenger back on my computer, but failed miserably again, I hate the NET PASSPORT caaaarap!! Eventually it just kept on telling me that I had another session or something else running and wouldn't do I blew it off. Then I remembered Jaye was telling me to try AIM...well lordybe, it works like a charm. So far. I sent IM's to myself for over half an hour, I had a very good time. It's always nice to hold an intellegent conversation with someone. It went something like this:

mizbalonie: Hi Joan!! ...what's shaking?
mizbalonie: Not too much, I severed my small toe with a shovel, but other than that it's been good.
mizbalonie: Hey, sorry to hear that, hope you didn't bend the shovel HAR HAR
mizbalonie: Don't worry, it's all cool, just a small trip the ER, bandages and stuff, but the good news is they found the toe in a snowbank, and reattached it.
mizbalonie: Boo, I was just thinking it would be less work with 4 toes, one less to take the toe jam out of ..HAR HAR
mizbalonie: I'm thinking you should start writing the "Pot-head" for some advise, seems to me you are a little too laid back...and your people skills need a touch-up..yaknowhatimean?
mizbalonie: Hey, someone's knocking on the door, I gotta go ...later
mizbalonie: Yeah, later. Dink.

That wasn't so bad, nothing wrong with keeping touch with yourself.

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