Sunday, December 18, 2005

You knew this was coming

Mommy's little Rudolf

Begging to "stop" with the hats

I've had enough of this shitz..

Nothing funnier than dressing up your pets at Christmas. It cost me about a bag of Begging Strips to make her do stuff!!

Wow, it seems forever since I last posted. We had our annual Employee Christmas Party last night. I'm not much of a social butterfly, so these kinda things make me very tense. It wasn't a huge thing, but it still makes me nervous. We had a room booked at Tony Roma's for our group of about 20 or so. The food was wonderful, and we got to sit with my fav electricians from the office, so we pretty much kept to ourselves. My bosses are very nice people, but different because they have morals, I don't LOL... Just kidding. They are very family oriented, and fairly religious, so you have watch your P's and Q's, around them. But, that what sets our company apart from most Electrical Contractors is that are a family owned company, and we do quality work, and backup our work up without question. That doesn't happen too much nowaday. So, they are a good bunch.

I had a surprise at the dinner as well. I was presented with a "Gold Watch"...with lots a bling around the face of it!!! ..for 10 years of excellent service to the company!! yeahhhh me. It was even engraved. I was so impressed. It must weigh a pound, lord it is heavy. Just two weeks ago my boss and I were on uncertain terms, and on Friday I got the watch... PLUS... I got a $100.00 bonus check..yup, a hundred smackeroo's. And get this, with a letter from him, telling me of the good work I do, even in situations that are sometimes above and beyond the call of duty. I think is alluding to his little pickyness these last few weeks. Anywho, it worked, now I will go back for more!!

I had another surprise on Thursday, whilst I was making dinner, the doorbell rang, and the dog went ballistic (no surprise there) and I rushed down to the door see what was the matter. What was the meaning of all this clatter? Was it Santa? Did he have his boots on the wrong feet, and forgot what day it was?....nope it was a guy from the florist shop...with the hugest plant I have ever seen. HUGE I SAY. I took the plant in and ripped off the paper as fast as I could, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? The hugest Amaryliss plant you ever did see! The flowers are as big as a horses face. They are blood red and measure at least 6 inches across, and there are 5 buds coming!! I took a few pictures on Sat. which I will post, but they are even bigger today. I am afraid to go to sleep.

When my mom was alive, we always had Amaryliss contests at Christmas time. We would start them in late November and by Christmas time they would be grand. Hers were always better than mine, because I have no "green" in my thumb, but it was always so much fun.

My cousin Linda who recently moved to Qualicum Beach, in British Colombia sent it to me in appreciation of what I do with our Schroeder Family Newsletter. This is her first year away from family in Manitoba, and I think she appreciates news from home much more now. The first year away, will probably be the most lonely. They have a beautiful home there, and I am sure they will adjust. They damn well better, she is only a year older than me and she is retired and living in lotus land fertheloveof mike!

She's a beaut! The picture doesn't even do it justice.

We have had 4 days of snow. So, the Mr. is out with his "snowblade" attached to our little Bronco, plowing...yes plowboy rides again! People bow to him on the streets in hope that he will dig out their driveway. One should never give him so many accolades, because his next move would be to buy a Snow Grader, and that would not be a good thing. NO. Not at all.

Got most of my shopping done on Friday night. One stop shopping I call it. I can't park "the hugest van in the world" in any shopping centre, with the Xmas rush, so I opted out and went to Shoppers Drug Mart, right beside my Safeway, and found wonderful presents for all the people on my list!! I couldn't believe it. Who knew they didn't only sell drugs!! The prezzies were mostly for the kids in the family, and I got some other stuff on Saturday for adults in another local to the MALL' can kiss my hairy ass!! Now, if the mall's would have handicap parking and big horking van parking, I may have reconsidered where I would spent my money, all $100.00 bucks!! HA

I sure wish Andie Pandie would send me some cookays...I haven't had time to make anything at all, and I'm sure work will be so busy next week until Friday. I only got my Christmas cards written up on Saturday morning, and went to the post office and realized I didn't have a penny in my purse to buy stamps..nada. Fudge. Gord said they would have taken Interact, but I didn't see the sign. Anyway, they are going out tomorrow, bydamit.

My meatloaf is a'calling. Gotta fly.

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