Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Let's just say..I got no more jam...

This was before anyone got here. Notice my Festivas tree on the left.

No mo jam..none. I don't ever remember being so tired. All those people sucked the life juice right out of my belly button...all 17 of you, and you know who you are! I swear to God, next year, I am ordering in the KFC Christmas Family Dinner Special, remind me if I get crazy and start cooking again next year. I have to admit the rib roast was so tender and juicy, it would make a grown man cry.. or maybe hump it. It was very good, along with the baked taters, sour cream, bacon bits, hot barbecued beans, crunchy Chinese coleslaw, Caesar Salad, and 4 cheese garlic toast. Dessert was Red Velvet Cake and Cheesecake. To my little elves, thanks again for your help in preparing some of the dishes and doing some of the dishes!

It was also a lot of fun watching 6 children tearing into prezzies and especially to the six year old who brought her new digi camera with her, and permanently blinded all us old folks. I found my retina's on the floor after everyone left.

I especially liked this little critter.

She is the sweetest little monkey I evar did see. What was best...no crying she did make!! All smiles and giggles. She was so quite her mother almost forgot her when she was parading her other two kids out the door. Scared me a bit, I almost had a maternal instinct and wanted to pick her up!! The other kids dragged her around the whole night, and she was all smiles!! I think I am in love.

Some of my tiredness could be blamed on me. Yes, I will take some responsibility for buying a "new" sweater for the occasion. Why, you may ask, would you wear a nice heavy sweater whilst preparing a hot meal in a hot kitchen? My answer would be, I am a dumbass for the loveofaribroast~~

Here she is without the help of my ample body in her

Notice, the scarf that came with her for free..as an added WalMart bonus. She was a warm sweater, that needed to be out in the ice and snow, and the scarf was probably designed to keep the chill of the Manitoba fucking freezing winds off your necktal region. It was only when I was into hour two of the party, that I realized that something about this sweater was totaling pissing me off. The SCARF, kept hooking onto everything I touched. I didn't remove it, because I thought I was pretty hot looking in my new sweater with added free scarf...until it became a fire hazard

Nothing smells better than polyester and rib roast baking in the oven.

Later, I was heating something up in the microwave and it got caught up again!!

Jeez Louise...how embarrassing!!

Did you notice my new sidebar? Fire away my friends, tell Pot-head all yer troubles and he/she will solve them for you. Dave was going to help me out on the help line, but apparently Dave's not here...so the rest of my staff (if I can wake them up) will answer any questions you have with your love life, your family life, or just stupid questions in general. The best part is, that this service is free of charge, and no representative will call your home and steal your stash. Nope, we are an reputable company and only hire the biggest and best dopes.

My girlfriend Janis, found my blog on google last week. I don't know how I feel about that. I haven't given it to anyone I know. It feels kind of funny, as this was my personal piece of the pie. I feel a little uncomfortable about sharing what I might feel on here, and not sharing it with her in person. I tend to get stuff bottled up when I talk to people face to face. So, Janis if are reading this ...you are such a bitch LOL....that should do it...she is gone! Just kidding. You are my bestest and oldest (and I mean old) hippy friend!! Love you.

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