Sunday, January 29, 2006

Actually this little guy should in gif. format on my side blog, because his little schlong does tricks. I am sure by now you can tell I am short on material and long on smut. He is quite an inventive little fellow. Beats talking about the weather!

We had a very rambunctious AAH Meeting yesterday. It's been the first time since Christmas that all of us have shown up in one pile. Gord and Ron got here earlier than ususal, they went to the Motorcycle Show downtown, but found it a little boring. I guess Pamela Anderson didn't show..or whoever. Janis (hippychick) and Sheila followed right behind...and it was only 5:45! Normally we start about 6:00-6:30, but I guess they all missed each other so much.. we had so much to discuss and so many attitudes to change and define.

#1. The recent election. Ron who is a flag waving, card carrying, blue to bones Conservative, would make for a lively discussion. He wasn't in the door a minute when hippy chick told him in no uncertain terms, THAT, if ANYTHING..were to go wrong with the new government, he would be on the floor eating dog shit. He has been the one to give us no end of grief everytime something happened with the last government. He better hope they keep their noses clean, because we will be all over him like ants on a popsicle stick. We will never let him have a moments of peace from here on in..never. hippy chick sprung some news on us that took us aback. So, far aback I almost fell off my barstool. You see, she had breast cancer 11 years ago, and has bitched for 11 years. About her bra..the cost of the bra's with the one prosthetic in it, the constant shifting of same, swim suits she cannot wear because of said missing tit. It's always tit this tit that!! Well, finally something happened to break the ole proverbial camels back. Her cat found her bra on the chair one night and started to knead in the gel filled cup, and broke it!! That's $150.00 buck up yer ying yank folks!! So, she decided to get breast reconstructive surgery done. Can you believe it!! She is 59 years old fortheloveofatit!! She, unbeknownst to us had all the tests done, she was deemed a suitable candidate, and will be be under the knife on Tuesday!! When she had her breast cancer surgery way back when they didn't do too much reconstructive stuff, so she never thought it was possible after all this time. I really admire her for her guts, because this is a 9-10 hour surgery, and they take the skin off your belly, and the fatty tissue to make the new tit. Then sew it on ...wha la...!! Of course the coversation got a little dirty after know how it goes with tit jokes. She will be in the Cancer Care Centre for 4-5 days where they will monitor the new "tit" just to see if all the blood vessels etc. and that are making contact. I may not have all this entirely correct, because I was still on the floor trying to get back on my barstool, but I think I have some of it right. After that she will have to take it easy and convalesce for a month or so. They told her she probably wouldn't be able to stand up straight for a few weeks because the skin they would take from her abdomen would have to go back to it former self. Lord!!

Sheila thought the whole thing was pretty funny, her only thought was, how does the surgeon stand there for 9-10 hours without taking a pee? We in our total lack of any knowledge of any kind, decided that a nurse would follow him to the can, pick up his pecker and lets him go. Otherwise, if he did it himself he would have to scrub up again, and it would be time consuming. It was a meeting of fools and idiots last night. But we had so much fun. Last but not least before we all hugged Janis goodbye..even me..the non hugger, she asked me if she could use my digi camera, she wanted a before and after shot, but didn't want to use her regular camera..because it would have to be developed. So, that should be interesting. She doesn't get a nipple yet, that comes later...but she is willing to wait!!

I remember just after her surgery 11 years ago, she was adamant on not wearing one of "those" bras with the fake tit in it. For a long time, she went around making a "statement"...That's what ole hippies do... and wore no bra. But, she soon found out that her clothing didn't fit her properly, so she mainstreamed and got the phoney bra. She is a very brave, I don't know if I could do that. But you have to know her, she has her own agenda and is true to herself. I love her, my oldest and dearest friend for some 45 years.

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