Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January ain't for wimps

The January blahs are starting. The warm temp's have turned to icy blasts from the North and the West... so I don't have much to sing about today, no dragons to slay, (well I have one)..and he is walking around in his new shoes. I wish I could convey to you my ..how you say it?...I want to bang my head against a fucking steel wall, brick wouldn't do!!

He, has been shoe shopping for two days! You see, he has very wide feet, and short,with a high arch, so he usually has to get shoes that cost $100.00 bucks or so. Yesterday he found a pair in WalMart for $40.00 that suited his impeccable taste. BUT, they also have to fit inside his little ole man toe rubbers. He wears them so when he comes into a customers home, he can just slip them off in a hurry, and not mess up their floor with dirty shoes.

He is now, walking around the house testing his shoes, he just came by my computer again, and is commenting on how much better they are than the ones he bought yesterday...(he took those back because they were a little big). Testing, testing and retesting. He is now putting his " toe rubbers" on...be back later LOL...oh shit, not the rubbers I was expecting!! He is walking on these. Just as well. For a man who saves new shorts, pants, and socks, he just this close to making a decision on keeping these puppies!! ..and they are not even "HUSH" puppies.

Okay, he is walking again...the left shoe is a little tighter than the right shoe, but he has attributed that to the motorcycle accident he had 5 years ago when he broke all his toes on that foot. I don't know, if you break your toes, do they grow?

He's heading for the stairs now, just to see how bendy they are. Yes, they bend pretty good! The dog is enjoying her walk with him, up and down, up and down. "Whose your daddy" Penny?.. this is the only walk they ever went on!!

Okay, he is resting now, stairs are tiresome, and Penny is so tired she is taking a nap on his lap in front of the TV. AND now, he watching a show that is at a decibel level which makes a Rolling Stone's concert seem like a funeral.

Like I said, it's January, and sometime with being snowbound you get a little picky. Everyday seems to be challenge to get to work with icy roads, and stupid people, and the last thing you want when you get home is ...well you know... shoe stuff.

He just asked me the check our bank account online. I did. After we looked at the balance, he said "well, I guess my new shoes will get broken in pretty soon, with all the work I have to do it get all the bills paid".

I said ..very quietly in my head ...I'm sorry I made fun of you in my blog...and your shoes. I feel like a shit.

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