Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's not a hobby anymore

It's been two days friends, and my eyes are bugging out of my head. My dog is in the corner twitching and giving me the "puppy dog eyes." BUT, with the help of some of my readers...I have created a scarey looking blog. Sometimes giving a dumbhead too much information, is not a good thing. I swear, I was like a junkie looking for his/her next fix. Yesterday a few light bulbs went on, and I started to get nuts, and I couldn't get enough information fast enough. I think I used up the internet. If you see a lot of "page cannot be displayed" messages coming up...yup, that's the ones I was on for two friggin days. I plumb wore them out. I'm expecting a cheque from Google, along with a thank you note for my free use of their services.

Of course, you don't think I will be keeping this beginners blog skin I made (hey I know the lingo)!, nopers...I have bigger fishes to fry now. Who knows how far I can go, with just enough knowledge to make a feeble attempt at one. I haven't felt so pumped since I found Computer Scrapbooking; but of course that only lasted for about a year or less...It's the attention span that gives me the grief... and of course the puppy dog eyes I get when I go on one of these mind benders.

I watched movies until 2:00AM this morning. I never watch movies, but I did. I ate a huge supper beforehand and proceeded to eat right through the 3 movies. Mind you some of them had already started and I had to catch up on what was going on. This morning I felt like puking when I got up. I lay there wondering...hmmmm we had lobster last night (saved from New Years Eve) because SOMEONE was too tired to make it. Anywho, I was thinking back to when Mary Lou said she got sick on Lobster, and I was sure I had undercooked the invertebrate. I lay there thinking about being sick, and the longer I thought about it sicker I felt. Finally I got up and looked on the kitchen counter, and found a wrapper from an Ice-cream bar, and empty coke can, a can of nuts which was now half empty, and a banana peel. Oh I remember!!! How stupid was that? It just makes me sick to think about it, normally I just eat supper have a glass of wine later and that's it...I had me a Pepto Abismal, and the ole gut settled down.

Tomorrow is voting day here in CanuckLand. I haven't answered my telephone for 3 days, I just have been letting the answering machine get it because THEY (the pollsters) are constantly trying to get me to answer stupid questions. I will vote, I always do. I love voting for one main reason. I get to go to Bonneycastle School where the voting is in our area. I always come in the back door, because then I can go through the long corridor leading to the polling station at the other end, and look at all the art work, and displays that the yougins have done, which are displayed on the walls. I can smell school. I can smell paper. I can smell bullies. I can smell teachers. I can smell chalk. I stand there and read every display the kid have made. So, you see it makes it easier to vote this way, because you are thinking of the next leaders of this country, and you make damn sure you vote for the party that will take them there. Mind you .... we have a lot of fucked up leaders...but you just vote the one who seems to be the least fucked up. It's a simple theory, coming from a simple voter. It all works out in the end. Unless you are voting for some radicals who every once awhile rear their ugly heads.. like the "Save the Old Hardrives Party" SOHP... yeah, yeah I know..but aren't you butting into the the GREEN Party' They comes and then they goes..don't let the door hit you in the ass on yer way out fellas.

Enough now, of my intellectual conversation. If I go on any further, I may just go back on the internet, and I don't think they want to see anymore of me!!

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