Monday, January 23, 2006

If you going blind..tell me.

I'm really liking my blog, but it's only because I love the colours in it. It probably is not suitable for an easy read. I still can't figure out how to change the font colours in the whole blog to be the same. Last weeks blog are still in blue and I can't get them to change...and they are almost invisible with the new background...grrrr..

These are the colours I would like painted throughout my house, they are so warm and inviting. But, that is just me. Every lamp (and I have a lot of them) in my house has an amber bulb in it...that is how much I like that colour palette. The only room that has real white bulbs in them is in the kitchen (with a dimmer switch) and bathroom (with a dimmer switch). I hate bright lights..I hate them!! They make me nervous, and I can't concentrate. Plus I look better in the dark HA!!

I did my civic duty today and voted for the candidate of my choice. Before that I walked through the halls of the school I was voting in, and admired all the art work the students had on the looooong hallway. RESPECT...was the word of the week I guess. It was so funny what some of the kids had written about RESPECT. One kid wrote, respect your mom and dad if they aren't having fun?? huh...okay. Other wrote: Respect your trees because they will get older than you. Respect your teachers because they are smart. Respect your classmates even if they bug you. Respect means you have to like people who didn't like at first. Respect the police, even if your house in burning down.

I love reading all that stuff. I guess RESPECT week was last week as some of the staff was taking it down, along with all the Christmas stuff, which was beautiful. Also, it must have been watercolors week, some of those kid's are so talented!!

As I neared the end of the hallway, walking towards the voting booths...I was thinking about RESPECT, and you know, the teacher should have had the kids put up a BULLSHIT display near the back..because when I voted I realized I didn't have any RESPECT of any of the candidates. I crossed my fingers and voted for the least despicable. Amen.

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