Monday, January 30, 2006

Just nonsense

It's Monday night, it's the middle of winter and time to sit on the "lazy boy" (no not Gord's you pervs) and put my feet up . and veg out. Got some leftovers brewing in kitchen, last nights pork roast sliced up with some gravy..good for a Hot Pork Roast Sandwich...yummers..with veggies. In the old days I would have added a side of fries, but alas those days are over. It's bad enough we ordered in Chicken on Saturday night after all the AAH's went home. I was too pooped to cook. Usually I have something prepared, but I really really wanted Chicken Delight Chicken, with the huge fries and coleslaw, along with the white sticky roll, and GRAVY. I needed it. I ate it. I enjoyed it. Now my pants don't fit. I can't bend over..who cares, I don't eat off the floor anyway. Unless ... something really good falls down there.

I have lost tons of weight 3 times in my tons I mean 20-30 lbs. Each time, it takes me about 10 years to gain it back, and then I loose it again, only to gain it back. My body seems to need 30 more pounds on it than my pants or my body does. It's the same old drill over and over. I will lose the 20-30 pounds again in spring..or if something tragic happens in my life...then I can't eat and will lose the weight by default. Hopefully that won't be the case. But, I quite like the strechy jeans they make I will buy bigger ones.

Gotta fly...Sleep tight..and don't let the bed bugs bite.

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