Monday, January 02, 2006

Tomorrow its back to the old grind

But last night was so much fun!!!

Finally my family got together for our Christmas celebration!!! We laughed, we ate, we drank and we laughed some more. I love them. It's always nice be around people that "get you", no pretenses here! And it was so nice to see my baby bro again. He is coming along, he still has some problems unrelated to his heart attack that involve some nerve damage in his right arm. Hopefully an operation in a month or so will take care of that. Pictures below if you don't want to read all da crapola.

I made a humungeous dish of Lasagna, seizure salad, and three cheese garlic bread. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself.

My niece Lisa bought me a your hearts out....this is a moose to die for!! He stands about two feet tall, and has spindly legs you can adjust to any position. I named him Ben, because he is bendy. He looks very smart with his plaid scarf and his litte snowboots. Bro and SIL gave me a fine gift pack of the most subtle wonderful smelling perfume and body spray. I smell so purdy. My other niece Cheri bought me my fav wine, god bless her little heart!!

The best part of the evening was when I was searching for a record my brother and I made sometime in the early 70's. I wasn't certain I could play it, because is was in "78" speed format ...for you younger folk that is a record speed...look it up in google forheavensake.. My old turntable only had 33 speed. While I was scrambling around to find it, I found a tape he sent me about 25 years ago or more. You see, he always wanted to be a dee-jay, and he was very good on the microphone, and made the best funny. This particular one was one he sent me in rebuttal to one I had sent him. I assume I ripped his ass in the one I sent him and boy did he get me good on this tape. The funniest part was when I started playing it, there was a little girl singing the sweestest little song. We all looked at each other, then remembered it was Cheri, when she was only about 5 years old. Here she was sitting beside me as I was trying to make this old technology work. We had such a wonderful time listening to that tape!!

My brother put a commercial he had made up on the tape. "El Monte Slim" is what we always used to call it. I don't know if he did this himself or picked it up from a commercial at that time, or a comedy record. But El Monte Slim, is a shady used car salesman in the deep south, and he is trying to flog his junk to the public. It was just hilarious to hear it again. And his accent was perfect. The best part was the truck he was trying to sell, was a ole half ton with an "easy rider rifle rack." HAAAA!!..shit, you had be here to appreciate it!!

Anyway, I am going on too long here, but I woke up this morning laughing...and it's been a long time since I have done that. Even after everyone left last night I replayed the tape twice...and just pissed my pants. He had a lot of other material in there that I haven't heard for so long. Good times!!

Here is my family....I love them lots.

My hippy girlfriend gave a prezzie I have to share as well, it's a deranged gingerbread man, and when you press his little deranged hand, he spouts off weird little songs... in a Arnold Schwartzenger kinda's a little disconcerting, but very funny. She knows my dark sense of humour!!

So, this afternoon I introduced Ginger to Ben. They got on quite well. Until, Penny came on the scene and got a little jealous.

Meet Ben

Here is Ben, taking a leak. It was a big one. I forgot to let him out after I unwrapped him. Someone spank me!!

oops, he hadda go some more, and left a little present, right in front of Ginger.

apparently, Penny found this poo attactive and found her way to his private parts.

Ginger wanted in on some of the Ben gave her a hug, or it could have been a hump, I'm not sure. I broke it up.

I put Ginger in a tree, because Ben was getting a little Moosey. Ginger felt better after that.

That horny ole Ben climbed the tree!! I'm thinking I'll have to get ole Ben fixed!! Sokay, I have scissors!!

I finally got serious, and asked them all the sit nice for their Christmas pic.

Last but not least to my fav nieces Cheri and Lisa..I love you...I'm sorry your dad and I were such a bad influence on you... or not!!

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