Friday, January 27, 2006

Scorpio vs. Libra

It was 11:30 PM in Las Vegas, we were at a Jonathon Winters show (who by the way used to slay me)..after the show was over, and we were still sitting at a long assed table sipping vodka and orange crush (the drinks were included in the cover charge), when this couple beside us were getting kind of stupid. Gord leaned over to me and started to whisper something in my ear. I swatted him away. I was sure he was going to talk about them. He kept it up for about 5 minutes..and I hissed at him, if you are going to say something about the couple beside us ...lower your voice and say it in (low german). He looked at me ..yeah me .. the space cadet..took my left hand and pulled out an engagement ring, and asked me to marry him. In english.

Fuckidie fuck

How romantic was I? He took me all the way to Vegas because he knew I loved Jonathon Winters and thought that after the show would be a romantic time to pop the question. And I asked him to propose in a different language he could barely speak. What a guy, that Mr. Scorpio was. And BTW I - me Ms.Libra said "yes".

After the first show with Johnaton Winters was over, there was another one starting Sarah Vaughn...we stayed for that, she had a beautiful voice, and we held hands and just listened to the music. When we left, Sarah was at the door as were were leaving and Gord told her the events of the evening, and she gave us her autograph and wished us a happy life.. bless her soul!!

Our planets aligned later that night.

The next day was a stressful one. We decided to get married in Vegas!

We had originally driven down to Vegas with my now SIL and BIL, "to party". They knew of Gord's plans and I was the only one left in the dark. The next day when we met up with them for breakfast they asked us what our plans were. Gord said, seeings we are in Vegas, "lets get married here"! I damn near choked on me bacon and eggs (along with the complimentary glass of champagne)in a plastic glass. I said I don't think I can, I still have five bucks in pennies I need to gamble away at the slots, and that will take me all the live long day!

The only thing I could think of was "my mom will kill me"..over and over. But,he had planted the seed. As the day wore on, and after 30 watered down rum and cokes, the idea started to look like a good one, by golly. Those were the days you had to have a blood test first before you could get married. We phoned around and were told where to go to get the necessary papers etc. The offices closed at 5:00PM, we got there at 4:45PM. I remember there were a long set of stairs going into an official looking building. We started the long climb up them. I stopped, Scorpio stopped. I said, for the 978th time, "my mom is going to kill me". By this time SIL and BIL were getting a little antsy, and wanted us to go through with this in the worst way. They kept on telling us we only had 5 more minutes, we had to hurry!! We got into the building and I stopped at a water cooler and had a drink of water and an aspriin. My head was throbbing. Both Scorpio and I sat down on a bench leading to the office, looked at each other... and he said "lets get the hell out of here" ... and we did! My SIL was crying!!!...and blubbering away saying "we came all the way out here to stand up for you two at your wedding"...wahhh wahhh wahhh... Ahem, someone should have asked me first dontcha think?

I wasn't too sad at all. I had a ring, the wedding date would be arranged and I could take my time looking for shoes to match my dress. And best of all, my mom wasn't going to kill me.


ellen said...

...and she obviously didn't. And I'm glad.

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