Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Peas are my enemy

Take note: Do not pull out a bag of frozen peas from your refrigerator without checking to see if you sealed the bag the last time you used it. Just don't. BECAUSE if you do, and the bag isn't sealed, you have 987,345,879 trillion baby peas all over your kitchen floor.

It's very uninspiring. I was skating on them in my slippers (shut-up, I'm old I wear slippers) I was just aslipslidingaway on these little green suckers!! G.Damit. All I could think of was how do I pick up a whole bag of "small sweet Green Giant peas", which have spewed on every corner of my kitchen. I was making left over turkey stew, and all I needed was ..oh .. maybe half a cup of small sweet green giant peas to complete my meal. Fuck.

Guess who's nose gets in there first. Penny. While I am trying to balance myself and trying to get to the broom closet to get the damn broom, she had to start eating frozen peas! Suddenly she turned into a vegetarian..who knew? She would not quit, I darn near had to smack her head! The peas rolled under the fridge, under the stove, under the table...rolling and rolling and rolling...gawd they never stopped. It was madness. I got to the broom closet, got out my trusty broom (which only has about two bristles left) and swept up what I could whilst trying to kick the dog out of the kitchen. There are a LOT of peas under the fridge and the stove,and the dishwasher but I don't care, I will deal with that when we move in about 15 years! Penny is still in the kitchen looking under all the appliances. I should do that more often, then she wouldn't be so bored all the time. That takes care of tomorrows walk I guess..exercise is exercise.

So, I guess you are wondering if I took some of those peas off the floor and put em in my was close, but I found a package of mixed veggies in the freezer with some peas in them and used them instead. If it would justa been me, I might of just picked them up and dusted them off a bit, but sure as shooting Gord would have found some dogs hairs or a old piece of kitchen floor crud in the stew.

I am very happy to see the last of that turkey, I made a small one for just the two of us on Christmas day, and of course a turkey is never small.

I'm very tired, all the hoopla is catching up on me, and I have so many projects going on at work. Bossman is doing another convention thing, so I have to get all the graphics done for our booth.

My heart goes out to all the people who lost their loved ones in the coal mine accident in the US...what a disaster two fold. ahhhhh

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