Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I was sick and tired of the winter scape, pass me my drink..you know, the one with the umbrella in it. Thanks! Slurrrrrrrrrrrp! Me oh my, she's a tasty treat. "Oh, waiter, it's just me balonie..yah know, the piss tank....filler up again!"

Yup, I am in a winter funk. Funk the skunk or funk an elephants trunk. Funk it all. I am so tired of it all.

Can you see me on my surf board...way off to the left..keep on looking, I'm Gidget and Moondoggie and I are getting it on.. on his board.

Whooa, I just woke up, bloggin and dreamin don't mix. Nothing worse than an old farts dream.

I like the new look, but those two rocks on the left hand side are bugging me. I will photoshop them out of there when I get a sec.

I just finished watching the women's short program (skating) on TV...wow they were good, especially the girl from the US...excellent.

Well, it's only 11:00PM here, so I'm off to the rink to practise my Hammel Camel.


Hoot Nannie said...

Be careful doing that Hammel Camel. Sounds pretty dangerous. I like you new scene, even with the rocks.

moonraker said...

Just found your site - great blog.

Weather here in UK is cold too - I'm really fed up of it and am looking forward to Spring.

Joe said...

Waw! New look, I thought I was at the wrong hang out! :-) I'm with you man am I ready for spring or what! My golf seing is so rusty I squeke when I swing! LOL! I have said this before but how do you stand it up there? I just could never get use to the cold and snow. Living in Chicago was like the north poll to me! I just told my wife i'm ready to move futher South!
I went on line and looked at some propety in Naples Florida man it lookd great lakes golf course wonderful. I thought this is it I will send for a broshere. Then I saw the starting price! I like to have had a heart atack! A mear one pont two million! T-Town all of a suden looked mighty good! LOL!

Sally said...

I keep thinkin 'any minute now Kenny Chesney is gonna walk out on that beach'. Not that it would matter, he's too short anyway.

Have a good day!

ellen said...

Hey, pash me a 'rita, willya, badoney?


Michelle said...

I do luuuurve your new look and would love to be laying and relaxing under a palm tree instead of sitting in the heat without electricity.