Monday, February 13, 2006

Mundane Monday

There is Penny Loafer, in her new basket. She loves it. Well, sometimes, only when I sit on the ugly chair beside it and rub her belly and stuff. Actually, she is getting a little attached to it. Yesterday I had to bring her supper to her in her new basket. NOT. But, she was expecting it, because she knew I felt guilty about almost crippling her yesterday. She can read me like a book, I swear. So, she ate her Sunday supper off one of my new Corelle plates I had bought on Saturday. Hey, nothing is to good for my girl. Just kidding, I put some chicken and a leeetle bit of gravy in her food dish.

Can't stay long tonite, Gord needs my help in writing a very nasty letter to a customer who has not paid him. And he is going on, and on, and on, and changing it 5687 times...I feel all the blood draining from by body. Someone, get me out of here......HALLPP.

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