Monday, February 06, 2006

Getting my hopes up & then SK phoned

Here I am in blogger again, not in Word. I like to live dangerously. Word makes me feel like I am at work, and I don't like work, so the plan to post in Word will not work. Do you feel the love.

But, should I ever post at work, I would do it in Word, because it would seem like work, and not bother me. I'm getting a little geshaften feeling.

I have to watch the Bachelor tonight....stop...don't stone me! Because tonight they will be showing stuff about WINNIPEG!! Apparently "Sarah" will be entertaining "whats his name" at her parents house right here in our city!! I saw a brief blurb on the news tonight, that was shot in November, with her and whats his name, standing on the banks of the Red River embracing. Now, if you ever lived in this city you would know that the Red River, is just that...reddish grey..and butt ugly. It's a clay based water basin, (which makes it murky all the time), that flows through our city to Lake Winnipeg where that poor sand based water basin tries to filter out all the silt and crap from the river. Get it. Nevermind it isn't important. Anyway, I hope a carp didn't come up and bite them.

So, I am going to watch to see if ..perhaps..just perhaps, I might have been driving pass the "shoot", with me big horking van, and they get a pic of me!! Who knows, I could happen. Nothing is impossible. When I drive, I don't pay much attention to my surroundings because I'm trying to keep the sucker on the road, so maybe I just missed it. Sounds reasonable..I will wait. If you see a big black mean lean driving machine on the screen, while watching the episode, look closely, it could just be me, but it's probably someone else.

It's a small city, and fame does not come easy, so you have to get it while you can. Just like Joplin and Hendrix...oops they are dead..nevermind!!

PS..I just spent an hour or so on the phone with Special K. I missed the entire episode!! DID ANYONE SEE ME ON T.V.? Probably not, because I had Gord sitting and watching it for me and the guy blew the Winnipeg chick off!!! So, what is it with you Hollywood people, us Winnipeg people aren't good enough? oy!! In the words of Special K and Andie Pandie ...suck my balls.

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