Sunday, February 26, 2006

Odds and ends..mostly ends.

This blog is so hard to read, I will be fixing it up this week, sorry...

I am making cabbage rolls tonight. We like to call it eat, fart,and sleep night. I tried to defart the cabbage a bit before making them, by boiling the cabbage first. But,I knew that wouldn't work. All it did was make them a little too soft, but it will work out in the END. A girl's gotta get her roughage, seeing Gord isn't up to it so much anymore.

Something surprised me today. Some five years ago or so, I was on AOL,(before I got DSL) and frequented a "help" chat room, for new members of AOL. For over a two year period I made some really good friends there, and must admit I was fairly addicted to on-line chatting. This wasn't a girl meet boy kinda room, but it was none the less addicting. I put off many a dog walk and phone calls to my mother to be able to participate in mindless dialogue. AOL shut the help room line down, and started using their own people to do it. So after that most of us lost contact with each other, but it was a special time as we had grown to know each other so well. After that I decided I needed to cut my ties with them and go high speed. I was kind of lonely for awhile, because once you are in chat, it's like having a second family. It took a few months and I got over it by emailing the shit out of anyone I knew, doing family newsletters etc. anything that would keep me electronically connected. I am going on here...get to the point asshole...Okay, today I was trying to put a "wav" file on my blog, and searched high and low, for a provider that would translate it to HTML. I found this place called "Stickam" and they did it for me. See the blog entry below. Okay then, I was going through their site, and I found they had a chat room with video cams. I know, where have I under a rock?" I was instantly hooked on that. I couldn't stop watching about 10 guys and some ladies talking about sweet bugger all. It felt like a voguer. Two of them looked like Viet Nam vets...talking about suicide, and rest were guy chugging way too much coffee, and turning the cam's upside down for our enjoyment. Then they had a ghosting trick, and then some of them showed us how they ate ice-cream and typed at the same time.(errr) Another one wanted to know what they thought women would like best, a shaved head or some hair? Talk about not having a life.

At least with blogging you can have a conversation with yourself, and if someone wants to join in with a comment that is fine. I have to admit, I wanted to get right in there, and start making smart ass comments and such. I could have slayed them and I knew it. But, then I would be back where I was some five years ago. I love blogging so much and I can do it at my own speed, not interacting at the moment...mind you sometimes after I hit publish...I go in and take a peek.

Last night we had and incident. Our waterbed heater went on the fritz. Fritzed, and gefried. Toast. That is not a good thing for two people that can't get in or out of our bed with going..ouch ouch. It was beginning to be cold night. The heater works, but the control is a little wacky. So, I got out of bed in my satin type nightgown, pushed away my night table (which weights 987 lbs.) to get at the control underneath the side of the bed. BTW..I didn't put the bedroom light on, because I like doing hard stuff in the dark. I had my handy dandy flashlight which we keep for emergencies plugged in beside the night table. Gord was mumbling...crank the control to see if the light will come on again!! I cranked and I cranked laying on the floor beside me bed in my cold flimsy but yet sexy satin nightgown. The light would not come back on again. The bed sits about 6-8 inches off the wall, and to my amazement, I saw 987,9000 dog hairs behind the head board. I yelled "Gord"..he jumped up..and said "what"..thinking I had severed my head. I said "there are 987,9000 dog hairs behind the bed!" By this time he was getting a little perturbed with my skills and said, get a plier and crank it with that. Stupid does what stupid says...I got a pair of pliers and started to crank..until I got cranky. Then in a fuss and flurry he got out of bed, yes, the king did. He brushed past my flimsy yet sexy satin nightgown, which held my not so flimsy body...and grabbed the pair of pliers. I tell you, it was a scene out of a horror movie. The next thing I knew he was lying on the floor, with pliers in hand cranking the control..nakkid as a jaybird. He kept on saying, I know it's the control, so he hit the sucker with the flashlight ..really hard, so maybe..just maybe it would start to work. I can still see that picture in my mind today. He said "fuck" about 546 times and came back up, because all that dog hair was in his nose, then he started to sneeze. LOL......he said the "F" it several more times, and got back into bed. You would think I would have just left it, not me. I got every quilt and afghan I could lay me hands on and put it on the bed. I made him get back up again, and put on extra quilts. Around 4:30 AM the control switched on...and it was nice and cozy. By the morning we were cold. We were laying under so many blankets, we almost suffocated the dog!! I couldn't even turn over, without a fork lift.

Time for a new heater. And maybe a new dish think?

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