Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I don't take kindly to rules

Here I am as a cocky little teenager...jest looking for some rules to break. And, I broke way too many in my day.

I'm not in Word again..I'm just tempting the google god's to get me. Hey you .. in there, it's me..balonie...try and wipe this out..come'on lets get it on!!

Nah, I think they will leave me alone for awhile, because they know I can kick ass once they know from whence I came. Oh, oh...did I just make a grammatical error? I have a challenge to you all..fix that sentence, it at all possible. I forgot to put money on it, when the individual I spoke to said I do not use the word whence correctly. I should not put the word "from" in front of it. Actually the whole sentence is pretty awkward, I should have tried to use the word "whence" in another way..let me think. Good King Whencelaslis.

Okay, I'm looking it up..hang one minuta..don't get your gitch tied up in a knot..I is old and it's kinda dark in the puter room....okay then...

whence.."from what place source or cause..like a gift," says my dictionary ...oops, I think she is right whence means "from" and once you put "from" in front of the whence, you have REPEATED YOURSELF!! Yikes!

You see that is why you always trust the youngins and don't back talk them when they know they are right. Damn good thing I didn't put any money up front. You live, and you learn. So sayest Balonie, the allknowest. I jest love breaking all the rules.

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