Thursday, February 23, 2006

Penguins and husbands

Everytime I look at my new template, I feel like my bangs are too long, there is something in my eyes. I keep brushing my hair aside, but I still can't get the picture. I guess I will have to do some reworking of it this weekend.

Tonite is the Ladies figure skating championships final, so, I will be brief. Yeah, like that ever happened! I have a dilemma; PBS is having the best of Monty Python..and I only have two eyes, and half a brain, or is that of you two. I may be channel surfing in my own way. Which, at it's best is so lame.

Joan: Gord where is the remote?
Gord: Huh? is supper ready?
Joan: You already ate.
Gord: I did?
Joan: GORD! Are you sitting on it in our "poor people's version of a Lazy Boy chair?
Gord: zzzzzz
Joan: Fer fucks sake...WHERE IS THE STINKING REMOTE!!
Gord:!! he puts his ass up in the air and removes not one but two remotes from it.
Joan: Well, that's more like it!
Gord: Put on Larry King
Joan: I. don't. think. so. Tonight is figure skating and Monty Python.
Gord: I just remembered, can you look up a bill I sent to a customer in 1998? He is still having problems with his fridge.
Joan: I would guess his warranty would be over.
Gord: I know, but I want to see what I put on the bill.
Joan: Do you have an invoice number?
Gord: Ahh no, I just know I did it sometime in July of 1998
Joan: You mean to say, you want me to go down in the basement and look through all of our old files for this one fricking invoice, for a guy who's warranty has long expired?
Gord: Yes
Joan: No
Gord: Well, I guess I will have to do it myself
Joan: Good Luck
Gord: Where are the files?
Joan: You know where they are
Gord: Well, you move everything around in this house and I never know where anything is.
Joan: Umm yeah, like the remote.
Gord: ..Stumbling down the stairs...and after awhile..
Joan: Did you find the file?
Gord: silence
Joan: GORD!
Gord: WHAT?
Joan: Did you find the files? (yelling)
Gord: No
Joan: ..taking a very deep breath.. why not?
Gord: Because I can't find them.
Joan: Okay, Mr. I am coming down. Why are you in the furnace room?
Gord: I thought I would just check the furnace filter when I was down here.
Joan: slumped to to the floor...crawling on bare cement... trying not to kill him..
Gord: So where are the files?
Joan: UP YOUR ASS where the remotes know, your special place.
Gord: Hey, what's your problem.
Joan: I'm going up and watching figure skating, and Monty Python.
Gord: Where did you say the files were?
Joan: Intercourse the penguin!!

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