Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Someone stole my soul

I just got back in from playing with the dog.
Somewhere along the line, there has been a role reversal in the Chez Martinez household.
She throws the ball, I get it.
She hides the ball, I get it.
She takes a hammer and hits me on the head, and I get it again.

For some reason I cannot please her. I sit pretty.
I take my shits along the fence line, in order to attact the neighbours attention in spring. I do it all.

I come, when she tell me to.
I eat my kibble without making a mess, and with a smile of my face.
I have even stopped sleeping beside Gord at night, because she finds the middle of the bed to be her domain. And then she gets the 'tickles'...
I don't even bark at night anymore, because I keep my teeth in a glass beside my bedtable.
And if should I bark?
I would sound like a weak "barf, barf" .. and wouldn't wake up a soul.
I am a good crying I do make.

What thanks do I get?
None brother.
I get's shit all.

Call this a dog rant if you must.
Call it a cry for help to all humane societies in the land, and let them know there are two sides to every story!! Do it now people! Some of us are being held hostage in our own homes by our pets. They are stealing our husbands, they are devious critters trying to take over the world as we know it. They would steal our souls if we let them.

To late..Penny wants her supper..gotta go!!

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