Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So, sit down and relax awhile why don'cha

I'm not one to take off for a winter holiday to the "great hot South".(Canadian play on words..get it.."great white north")..anywho, it's just not my style, nor do I have the funds to do that. That is why it's not my style. Style, very much depends on income. There you go. So, I guess that means if I had the buckeroo's I'd be in KanKoon, Mazdaland,(they make great cars there I'm told), Cameandwent Islands, Puertogefarta, you know, all the great places to leave my measley Canadian buck in.

Nope, folks I'm not falling for that shit two week holiday that costs you 4 grand just to get out of the cold for such a short time. Google did it for me, for sweet dick all. I didn't even have to stock up on Imodium. Thank you Google! you are starting to be my best friend. You even let me put up a background on my blog that is so sweet, you want to throw yourself in the ocean and be taken out with the tide and go to sea, Billy. That is how enticing you are. You are a sly dog. I especially like the Google header yesterday that you aimed at us Canucks, with the curling logo.. Cool. But, now that I think of it, the whole internet didn't see it, because I may have been in Anyway, it was a good thing. You tried to get my attention.

If you look...waaaaaaaaaaaay to the left, you just might see "Wilson."

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