Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Warning..I am pissed off..I did me some swearing.

I am still so bucking mad! And I know I have blogged about this before. But today hit a nerve.

I went to Safeway after work to pick up two pork chops for Porky and myself.

I forgot it was Tuesday.

I was in a long line of elderly folk, who had just finished up slopping up all the free coffee and doughnuts they could drink and eat. There baskets were full of nutritious "buy one, get one free"...Ramen noodles. Hey, those guys know a deal when the see it. However, I digress.

A half an hour later, it was my turn. I had my head down, minding my own business and emptying my basket. The cashier started to put mine through, and she glanced up at me and said "are you a senior?"...I was so startled, "I said NO, are you?" You could have heard a pin drop at that checkout counter, she never said a word more to me, until I signed my bill, then she asked me if I needed carry out assistance...WRONG thing to ask me. I didn't make a scene, only because my blood pressure was blowing off the top of my scalp. I don't ever take anyone to task, but I was so stinking mad, I could have slapped her 50 something face. Her excuse was that management requests all cashiers to remind folks that they are entitled to a 10 percent discount on Seniors Tuesday. That is not true, I have been there hundreds of times on a Seniors Tuesday and no one has ever asked except for the one time..way back when. I thought it was not longer an issue, because when I spoke to the management they said it was not their policy, and would deal with it. Fucking arseholes!!

So, maybe I am this new breed of(how I hate this word) Baby Boomers! Don't fucking label me!! I am a person, I am of a certain age, I am no more special than anyone else, I did not fight in any wars, I put my pants on leg at a time just like the rest of you....although I have to hold on to something when I do it....but I have no entitlement coming to me because I'm getting on in years. PLUS..don't judge me and try to pin a age number on me when I come through your MF checkout line. I am perfectly aware that there are many people who are now in their 70's. and in there 80's. that don't give a hairy rats ass what you call them. They love being called seniors, and love the discounts...but I'm not ready to go there yet.

No, not yet. So, thats why I'm mad...I never want to go there. So leave me the hell alone.

If I am being asked if I am a senior, why then was I not asked MORE personal questions, like ... are you gay?.."we have gay discount days here at our store." My reply would have been yes, not only am I gay.. I am gay for for barnyard animals..and or..household pets..what's my discount on now you pricks? Dog food?

Safeway, when I get old, you will be the first to know, so get off my back!

I blew a red light on the way home. I was so freaking mad, and I kept on thinking of what else I could have said, but didn't. It's not that I am not aware of my body changing over the years, because in 5 years I will be a grrrr.(senior)...but why do we have to own a label. I just want to be Joan. It's all mind over matter, you don't ever feel old unless someone treats you like you are old and don't have your wits about you. I won't mind, in years to come if I need a little assistance to do my daily chores, but lets not treat me any different than you would any other person. Nothing is worse than to be pointed out in society and tell us we are different...that goes for the handicapped, those with mental problems, and the gay population who have finally chosen to stand up to all the gay bashers and make their way through this web we call life. I never ever thought I would be labeled, and now I know how it feels. It feels like shit. I am just Joan. Don't call me anything else..maybe balonie, cause she's my best friend.

Damn, it's good thing I sat down for an hour and chilled. I edited wouldn't believe the shit I wrote before this.

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