Sunday, February 19, 2006

Calling it a week.

I think this is a redneck Ice Sculpture. Obviously there is a prankster at work. Let's call him Dickhead.

I don't have one bone in my body that doesn't hurt, notta one. I moved the furniture in my office around yesterday and damaged some important parts. Moving the table/desk holding my computer stuff was easy, but I had to move our business desk about 2 feet to the right. That sucker is heavy. I removed the drawers and everything, but still it weighted a ton. I'm finding it hard to sit. My bum muscles somehow became active in the procedure unbeknownst to me at the time, and have now turned in to jelly. The office is looking pretty good now. Next weekend I have to start doing all Gord's bookkeeping for 2005 to get ready for the tax man, and I didn't want to sit is this dark hole. The room is adjacent to our family room and kitchen, but doesn't have a window as such, it only has a cut out overview of our living room below. So I moved the table/desk facing the living room, so I could get more light, and as a bonus I can keep up with what's going on in the neighborhood. But now it will be so distracting I would get sweet bugger all done.

I took Penny for a walk this afternoon, and came across something disturbing. We were walking in the park which is adjacent to a middle school and I found, three pairs of men's black underwear lying in a pile in the snow next to the tennis court. They were just your average "Stanfield" or your "Fruit of the Loom" variety, but they were black. A few feet further on, there was another pair, that was shredded. A lot of people walk there dogs in the park, and perhaps a horny old male decided to mate with the last pair? It was strange. As we walked further, there was a lonely black sock laying in the snow. Now, I was getting a little spooked, and started to look for a body. No body anywhere to be found. Penny sniffed the sock, pissed on it and kept on going. She is good like that. I sure hope the 4 guys who owned those shorts and the one sock, managed to get home without freezing the family jewels!! In the summer I have seen cars parked in the back of the school, and kids are smoking up and drinking back there, but I have never encountered their clothing before! Strange.

I have been working around the house today, and watching as I can, a PBS all day cooking show. My goodness, I am hungry. I think the Olympics should make cooking a sport. They just did a beef short rib recipe, that slow cooked for 12 hours, and served with homemade macaroni and cheese..mannnnnn I want that!! I have so defatted all my recipes and I miss a little grease. I could eat a pig right now. Oh, I will, I am having a pork roast tonight. But it's a lean mean pig.

Oh lord, I need me some grease.


Sally said...

Wow, I can actually see you now, and I love what you have done to your blog. It's beautemous...

We like to cook the fatty pork roasts, and nibble on the crusty part. Course we do that with chicken and turkey too. I have NEVER eaten turkey on a holiday; just nibble, and then the next day have sandwiches. Man, you're making me hungry!! I'm so glad to be able to see you again. :)

40spoet said...

great site change. this is really cool, some day i am gonna spruce mine up, meanwhile i will blog hop. take care.