Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I need to live longer than my life

ahhh....those were the days..My mom (centre)and her sisters.

This weekend I was trying to get some of my Mom's photo albums scanned. The plan was to do some digital scrapbooking. I make such unrealistic plans for the two days off I have a week. But, I am pumped on Friday, enthused, and probably have a little more wine than I need. Wine is always necessary, but sometimes everything you want to achieve in a lifetime looks doable in two days. Well, why not then plan to, phone some friends and make unrealistic lunch dates, better yet, while your photos are scanning, go into excel and start make a spreadsheet of all the recipes for the cookbook you want to publish..this weekend! After that go into Quicken and start doing the bookkeeping for Gord's business you have sluffed off for a whole year. Then try to find a site that will html a sound "wav" you want to play on your blog.

Friday, you are such a bitch, and you screw with my head.

The reality is:

Friday: Work all day (but am excited because I can sleep in Sat. morning)and make unrealistic plans in my head all day for upcoming the weekend. Write a short blog, have pizza, drinks and then Friday wrap up discussions with Gord. Disagree with most of what he has to say. Sleep.

Saturday: Sleep in wayyyyyy too long. Get up shower, and get the coffee going. Read not one, but two weekend newspapers. Try to amuse the dog. Turn on HGTV, while I start to putter around the house cleaning up a weeks worth of filth. Clean the stove, clean the microwave, clean the bathroom, sweep and vacuum the whole friggin house, change the water in the fish tank, and dust all the tables etc. with the sleeve of my sweatshirt. Sneak in my office and try to do a little computer stuff, dog catches me..It's over, back to amusing the dog, and then back to catching cobwebs. Well, low and behold, it's 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoon, and I'm getting behind in my Friday night unrealistic goals. Guilt beseeches my soul. Time for some wine. Just kidding. I crack another coke. Now it's time for some grocery shopping for the weekend. And head out to Safeway, to do my shopping and also pick up whatever is needed for AA hour that night.

AA hour turns into AA two hours..I'm tired when they all leave. Planned supper seems like way to much trouble. Make a sandwich. Watch a little TV, have some dessert, and turn off my computer. Now, my Saturday is kaput. But optimism still prevails, there is always Sunday!!

Sunday: Get up LATE, have a shower, make coffee, and read not one but two separate newspapers. Try to amuse the dog. The dog is not longer amused. She wants some action. Walk the doggie. Make lunch. Then remember, shit, it's laundry day. Start doing that. Sneak into the office...Do google searches on stuff that isn't important. Loose track of time. Run up and down the stairs with laundry. Start doing Gord's business stuff, but get distracted when the neighbour comes over to chat. Go back to the computer, and seriously try to scan more photos for scrapbooking, and get recipes ready for the cookbook. Then remember that I was supposed to include a family newsletter addition to the last one I published, and email it to 98765 people. Now, the dog is in fits again, because she wants more play time. I go out in the backyard and do it. Hastily. The louder I yell, the better time she thinks she is having. PENNY..GOOD GIRL, GET THE BALL, RUN, RUN. I expend a lot of oxygen, with the least amount of physical effort. It's a win win situation.

It's now 5:00 PM on Sunday. There is still some shit to get up from the dryer to be folded, and supper to be started. The weekend is gone. There is only one bright side, after I get the supper humming in the oven. I take a large glass of wine to my computer, and do my Sunday blog. I love that time.

I just did a preview and this blog is really "blue" isn't it? hmmm.. okay I might just have to tinker with it a bit when I have time.. SK might just be right.

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