Friday, October 20, 2006

Get ready, get he is!!

Lookie there, my little fat assed postman delivered!!

It was funny this morning, about 9:30 I went into the BEST BUY website again to check on the status of my order, and low and behold, it said it was on a delivery truck in Winnipeg! By jove it was HERE! I promptly pissed my pants.

So, instead of working at my computer, which does not face the front door, I sat at my desk waiting for the little fat assed mailman.

He walked in the door just as I was on the phone and threw our mail on my desk. I got up and gestured wildly for him to STAY..because I knew it should be on his truck. When I finally got off the phone, I pulled up BEST BUY'S website (which I had minimized) for just such an occasion. I pulled up the site and said "LOOK fat ass, it says it should be in your truck"!!! At first he denied he had anything for me on his truck. I reminded him of our conversation on Tuesday about the parcel I was expecting. Apparently a few lights came on....and he said..oh yeah I have a big box in the back of the truck!! And out he waddled. Back he came with my computer! Just like that. Arsehole. I asked him what would have happened to the package if I hadn't asked for it, and he said, he would have noticed it in about 3 hours at the end of his shift, and would have had to bring it back here. I am sure he and his lazy ass would have brought it back to the postal station and noted that it could not be delivered!! I am so jaded. Poor little ole mailman.

No cookies for him. I could see he was lying. I will have a Halloween apple with razor blades hidden in it ready for him next week.

Lets have a look at him shall we. He has a 17" screen ..OMG.

Tomorrow is the big day when all the Attitude Adjustment friends come over (to drink me out of house and home). Two of them are computer nerds, so I should be getting my wireless shit going, and get it networked with the big boy on my desk.

I am one lucky sumofabitch.

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