Thursday, October 26, 2006

View My Guestmap or I will poke you in the eye

My Guestmap is very low key, it sits shyly on the bottom of my sidebar. It's sort of dark blue, and doesn't cause any attention to itself. But, now listen up people, I need to know where in the hell you all are. Yes, I mean, you, and you, and you.

Don't make me come out there and find you. I don't want your address, I just want to know what continent you live on, just put the pin in and make some wise ass remarks..That's all I ask. Put the pin in. I mean it.

So far, I have Ms.Brenda from Arkansas, who I know and love to pieces. Then at one point Mary Lou from Whidbey Island posted her whereabouts, but somehow, she got blown off the map. Got gas Mary Lou? I didn't blow you off.

DJ.Pleaz from Caldwell Idaho put her pin in the map ..Howdy do to you!! Thanks for stopping in and asking about the Cuban Lunches.

Then, Patty from Sebastopol CA...I can't believe you found my little spot in the universe. Now, that is a interesting name for a town, or city. And also kind of hard to say. Is it, Se-bast-o-pol? It would be interesting to know where it got it's name. Maybe, just maybe, a long time ago a man called "Se" invaded the town, and he was a "bast"ard and became the mayor, and then took a "pol"l with the citizens to see if he could win in the next election. Or was his real name Arnold? Hey, I'm a Canadian, but I still know my stuff. Just kidding Patty, you probably are wondering where and what Winnipeg means.

Also, Ghetto Mama, she is up north. I'm thinking Prince Albert area, but I am not sure. A map expert I am not. She has a great sense of humour and love to hear her stories of the love hate relationships she has with her no good neighbours. and how she describes the human politics of the area.

Now, if these kind folks would put their location on my map, why wouldn't you?

My map is bare-assed. Nakid.

Pin the tail on my donkey my friends...ouch!..cut it out.

NOTE: I am getting really sick of this orange Halloween template...just so you know it will change. Hopefully into something more mature. But don't count on it.

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