Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm a dead woman walking........

Hallo, it's ME..BALONIE! Get me out of here!! HALP!!

I tried to get online after supper, and it said my account was closed. Whatthehell? I checked all my bills, and they were paid? Whatthehell? I phoned MTS (my server) and said "Whathellisgoingon." A very nice young man answered and checked my account, and told me I was deceased as of yesterday at 12:30AM.

Hold on..back up the truck Chuck!...I'm sitting here talking to you bud! He said there was a notation on the account that the customer was deceased. Then he asked if my husband was alive, and I said, "wait," "let me check." I put him on hold, checked Gordon's pulse, came back, and said, yes he is still alive, but not for long because he is messing with the patio again!! He said, "well I guess there has been a clerical error." Then he told me he would have to transfer me to the "getyoubackonline" department.

I waited, and I waited, I almost died waiting. My blood pressure must have been going through the roof listening to elevator music, and hoping my phone wouldn't go "dead," as I hadn't charged it for awhile. Finally, I got the customer service gal. I had to explain the whole thing over again, and she also was happy I was alive, but was worried about Gordon..whatthell? Well, apparently his name is on the account along with mine, and she wanted to make sure one of us had not taken a "dirt nap". I explained once more, I had just taken his pulse, and although is was running fast, he was still upright! She said she would check the records once more and get me online in about 15 minutes. The time was ticking away, and I was so scared my phone would conk out, and I'd have to phone back and explain the whole dang thing over again. But, fortunately, she came back on time, and apologized profusely at their error. My consultation prize was they would credit my account for 1.75 cents for the amount of time they had disconnected us. Oy!

I should have asked her, why would a dead woman want to breast feed a laptop? But I realized she doesn't read my blog. Maybe I should have asked her to come to my Laptop shower when I am due, but of course if she thought I was dead, why bother.

If I hadn't been reconnected, Delilah would just be another homeless laptop without an internet connection. Boring. Yes, she could have done some word processing, some (yawn) Excel spreadsheets, and some Quicken bookkeeping (yawn, yawn). Yes, she could do some photoshopping etc, but without the internet who would see the pictures? She would have never experienced the internet with email, Yahoo, wireless connections, and having the whole world in her lap. It would be like having a dog and never taking it for a walk. No, I want more for her, all the things I never had as a child. I will spoil her rotten.

Phew, that was a close call.

Just a few pics I took today.

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My neighbours tree

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Butterfly light that lights up a night.

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