Friday, October 13, 2006

Who said Friday the 13th. was unlucky?

Guess what?

Guess again....

Heh, I just delivered my first child. I haven't got him home yet because he is being swaddled in shrink and bubble wrap. But with any luck at all he will arrive here by next Wednesday. The doc's say he just needs a little reburbishing, but he will "right as rain" and get to come home soon.

And the best thing is he has the numerical keypad built in. It's a desktop/laptop.. good for our business stuff and my playtime.

I was going to name her DELL at first.... BUT my friend "Dell" and I broke up. So I started to look for some boys.

I had a one night "internet" stand with a lovely friend from China or Japan, I'm not sure.... he was handsome and a smooth talker, and after reviewing his wares, and his stamina..good lord!! I was hooked. So, the name of my new baby is "Tosh." I will never let him go on a playdate with Dell, god only knows what in the hell would happen if they ever procreated. It would be like marrying your first hardrive, ram would be zero, and don't let me even think about the size of his head. oy..

I am one happy camper tonight. I think I will have a glass of wine. Opp's too late......

I cannot wait...I have wanted this for so long.

...doing a happy dance!!

balonie..over and out!!

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