Saturday, October 28, 2006

We had a party tonight

It was Gord's birthday and our 3ummm4th anniversary.. shit how time flies.

Here is the happy couple, shaking hands instead of doing kissing shit stuff. But sitting on his lap was fun.

Here is the two cakes we baked for him. There was some miscommunicating going only one cake should have been baked. SIL and Hippychick, had a plan, but did not communicate it to me. Therefore the 2 cakes. One carrot, the other banana. Both good. Both with cream cheese icing. Both with 3rd grade attempts at writing "happy birthday." Mine is the first one, my first attempt a making icing, it tasted good, buy it looks like mashed potatoes fortheloveofmike. Actually it looks like a Shepards pie.

Here is my best friend Hippychick, the slut, making out with my birthday boy!

We had a great Attitude Adjustment hour. Gord and his bro went out for the last motorcycle ride of the season, and came back pretty crisp around 6:00. It was cold. The rest of the crew trickled in with cards and prezzies in hand. Drinks were served, fresh homemade bread and butter was served, and much laughter ensued. My laptop was brought on to the kitchen table and used on numerous occasions to prove points that were in dispute. I knew it would come in handy!!

BIL and Gord are going down to London Ontario next weekend to pick up a car Mr. rich BIL is buying. It's a Prowler. I really don't know much about it, but funny looking.

I'ts getting late for this ole chickie....see you tomorrow. I'm still licking cake off my face.

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