Sunday, October 08, 2006

Goodbye Summer and Fall

It's was a beautiful evening last night, but it's time to put away "all stuff that says summer"...

I won't miss the heat, but I sure will miss the colours of fall.
If you look closely, you will see a grey squirrel frantically trying to climb a stucco wall, after being chased by his buddies fighting over an apple. It was a major deal, I don't know why, because there is a trillion apples sitting on the ground, but I guess it was all about territory.
It's Sunday night, and we are going to have our Thanksgiving turkey today instead of tomorrow. I just bought a little one, because we don't have anyone coming over. But, I just love the smell of turkey roasting, and all the rest of the goodies.

I made a apple spice cake last night for my SIL birthday, so we will have that for dessert. I rarely ever bake, but it turned out pretty good. It reminded me of my childhood when my mom and dad bought me a Betty Crocker bake set for Christmas. I didn't have the oven. (like it really worked anyway) I just had the pans and the cake mixes, and most of them were spice cakes. I remember my mom saying she hated spice cake. I had never had spice cake, and after I baked it, I loved it. But she said she didn't even like the smell of it in the house. Her idea of spices was cinnamon. That was it. And only on apple pie.

I missed a good photo op this morning. Gord, you know him, "patio boy?" has not given up sealing the house in case we get water in the basement again this spring. He has filled every nook and cranny with dirt, sand, and now more foam. But at least time he didn't get it on his NEW pants. He is crazed let me tell you, crazed.

Anyhow, as I was saying, this morning he went out and started to clean up the yard to put things away for the winter, and I thought he would be safe. He wasn't jacking up 500 lb. patio bricks, like he has for the last 5 Sunday's, so I took my coffee and sat down at the computer and started to read a few blogs. After about 1/2 an hour, I heard a "clomp, clomp" noise. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and finally it got louder and louder, so I went outside. I walked out into the front yard to see where the noise was coming from. Suddenly I heard this loud crow like cawing noise coming from our roof, I turned around and looked up and there he was, on the roof laughing at me and flapping his arms cawing like a crow. Fortheloveofadink. I guess the joke was supposed to be that there was a crow screeching in the next tree, and he was mimicking it, but question was.."What in the fuck are doing on the roof?". "Do I have to rescue from every stupid thing you do"? His answer was...Caww Caww... and waved his arms some more.. you know, I was so pissed off, I considered taking the ladder off the house and let him sit up there until I could phone a mental health facility. Yes, I know he was only cleaning out the eaves, but for shit sake, knowing his track record in home improvements, someone always ends up getting hurt, or having to replace what he has tried to fix. Let's not forget the crowbar incident. Plus all the other one's I haven't even mentioned.

One day I just want to be able to sit all alone, and not have to worry about another man made drama.. He can't live with drama, everything is a HUGE deal. I get it already...we had some water in the basement last spring, but let's put that in perspective, and not seal the house up like Fort Knox. One extreme to the next. oyyyyyyveyyyyyy!

Tomorrow he is cleaning out the garage /God help me. Hopefully he will stay on the ground. But, I wouldn't count on it. Ten to one says he will make a small project into a very large one, and drag me into it. Forget it buddyboy....I'm taking tomorrow off and you will have to put your own bandaids on your severed fingers, while you are answering your cell phone.

But with all the bitching, I still have to give thanks on this Thanksgiving day..(the clock just struck 12:00) so it is officially Monday, that we both are well, we have a lovely home (or we did) and we play off each other so well. We have the bestest dog evar.."Penny Loafer" who keeps us laughing with her antics. We have a lot of fun and good friends who show up here every Saturday and make our lives so much richer. For that I am thankful. Let's not think about the new microwave shelf that has to be built, because THAT might just be the deal breaker.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canucks!!

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