Monday, October 30, 2006

Guess what we had for our Sunday Night Supper

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The first two contestants that get it right, will win my ugly dishwasher who's corroded top is showing. And, if you live within a two mile radius of me... Gord will yank it out of my kitchen and bring it to yours... for free. But, he will not install it. He is an appliance repair tech, not a plumber. God, if I have heard that more than 5786 times. So, that's my game. Wanna play?

You already seen the cakes, so you know what dessert was. Messy.

We had us some big time snow today. Getting home from work was a little bit treacherous.

I can't tell you how much I love winter. Even better than fall. I was outside playing with Penny in the snow, and I sat down at the picnic table and just felt the silence. Snow seems to buffer out all the traffic noises. I felt the calm, that has alluded me all summer. Heat, strong winds, and too much sun, make me very edgy. I can feel the tension from my shoulders subsiding.

Before the snow, it was very dark outside and depressing in the evenings. Now everything is lit up from the reflection of the snow and it looks so nice and bright. Penny and I can play in the backyard without any lights on. God, I love it. And, yes it will get colder, but I don't care. It is so beautiful in my garden right now with all the snow draping over my new pine trees and bushes.

Okay, so there is always a down side.

Plow boy, is trying to put together his new snow blade for a trial run. I can feel my shoulders getting tense.. Surely shit will happen, trust me. Nothing will work. It never does the first time.

But once he gets it going, and he always does. There will be much rejoicing on our snowy street and regaling of tales of how he overcame the evil "snow blade" and won. He will be honking the horn at our poor neighbor's that are manually removing the snow from their driveways..and yell out the window.."look at hands." There is no end to his snowplowing glee. We obviously like winter but for two different reasons.

Just a note: He got it going! After a week of trying to figure out the wiring, and installing a heavy duty plate to the inside of the bumper to carry this thing... It's just flying off our driveway!! This new one has some hydraulics the other one didn't, so he is one happy camper.

If he would show me how to use this baby, I could quit my job and do driveways in the winter. Or maybe not. I do way to much curb "off roading" as it is. Must be my bifocals.

I see he just finished our driveway and is so in love with it he started doing the neighbours...

He just told me I have to go to work with it on the truck tomorrow because the snow "she" is still coming down and we have to clean off our parking lot at the shop...but I have to make sure I stay at least 3 feet away from another car. Fudge...I guess he has never seen me drive before, I give everyone two car lengths on ice. Even if it pisses most of the nation off.

Okay, time for suppa... Fried fish in a seasoned flour coating, Risotto, and mixed veggies.

God I love winter.

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