Sunday, October 15, 2006

Monday..talking about Sunday

I really enjoyed a Sunday where there was no drama in the house, no patio calamities, no roof walking...jest nice and quite. Around 2:00 PM I took Penny for a long long walk. The weather was just beautiful. After we came home, did a little blog walking........and whilst I was doing that I glanced at my little teenie weenie fish tank, and saw that my oldest fish (one of the two) had his belly pasted up against the glass. He has been doing this for the last month or so. But this time I thought he was really dead! So, with tears in my eyes, I sought out the fish net from the cupboard, and a plastic bag in which to dump him into. I took the top off the fish tank and stuck the net in...and he bolted...well fortheloveofflipper..he looked dead in the water!! He was belly up! So, my only conculusion is that it may not be a "he" maybe a "she" and he/she was spawning...I don't know. I just fed them and he is upright and eating vigiously. I think I might have to take the pump out of the tank, and maybe I can get this to a conclusion. After the "Big Guy" died last year, I thought these two little one's wouldn't be too far behind, but for some reason I cannot kill a fish. I must be doing something right.

I finally got my microwave shelf put in. We no longer have our microwave in the bedroom. Hippychick made a support shelf for it above our Jenn Air stove. She is not only talented in what she does in her workplace, but also quite the carpenter.

She cut the board and stained it to match the cabinets, but you probably can't see that. It's underneath the microwave. But it sure looks better than the huge microwave head we had on there before. She is very talented and I'm so grateful for a friend that would do that for us. She's a gem.

(click)...the rest doesn't get bigger because GD blogger will only let me do one at a time.

The before picture...
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Now all I have to do is get rid of the ugly can opener, and put in a back splash. That is next weeks project.

Guess what we had for supper?

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Yes, you got it....pot roast!! It was hard with those eyes looking back up at me!! Hold on, don't report me to animal was Penny's stuffed bull head, (named Bullshit) except I don't think you can see the horns on the pic. He squeeks, and she carries him around like a little pal all day. I really didn't want to put this grungy hair infested thing in my pot, but I put a saucer on the bottom to catch the cooties. Then, when I actually pot roasted a cow, I cleaned it out first...just saying in case youse guys think I'm dirty or something.

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