Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday night from hell

I'm making "Dirty Rice" for suppa. I'd do a "dirty dance" ...but... I am tuckered out.

Our power went out 3 times last night. The first time it failed, I was scared shitless. We have one of those flashlights that you plug in the wall and lights up when the power goes off. Suddenly I woke up to the screeching of smoke alarms (who are warning me there is no power in case they smell smoke), a flashlight which is lighting up the ceiling of our bedroom, Gord's cell phone, that was on "charge," making purring noises, our Carbon Monoxide sensor ..sputtering (letting us know that if we have carbon monoxide in the house, he is of no use to us). It was like an air raid. I now know how the English felt in the war. The Queen must of been very annoyed.

This happened at 3:00AM...4:30AM and once again at 5:00AM. 3 fucking times. The third time I got up and unplugged the computers in case they got damaged. Third time around..ya stupid!

When the power finally came on for the last time, I got up once more and was blinded by all the flashing lights of the 7654 clock type crap we have in our house. Tonight we have reset all of them. ...without manuals....

I didn't want to reset my alarm clock for the morning, because I was too stinking tired. So I just laid there waiting for daylight. Then I fell asleep. Then I was late for work. Then I was an ass. Nothing more to be said there. I was a tired ass.

On another note, we sold my old 1987 Bronco today. I bade farewell to old "Wobbly," with nary a tear in my eye. I rode that Bucking Bronco for 4 years, and I still have bruises on my kidneys to prove it.

I was thinking today, I have not bitched about my vehicles lately. I don't have to drive the big honking horking van anymore...what will I bitch about this winter? I will tell you what I will bitch about, Plow Boy is putting the "SNOW BLADE" on my new, used, Explorer. He will clear a path from Canada to the Yukon if left him to his own devices.

I will really miss watching TV in the big ole van this winter, whilst I drive to work. Or when I hop into the back and have a drink at the bar at a red light. It had it perks. Don't even mention the sound system. Oy... I had AM Talk Radio, justa blaring. I always wanted to know where the helicopter traffic guys were. That is how cool I am.

Right now, I am driving the Explorer.. without a bumper, because Gord is in the midst of putting all the hardware underneath her to carry the new Mr. SNOW BLADE. It should be completed by next weekend. Yeah, I've heard that before. Fertheloveofaplowboy and his highjinks. Not that I want to puke or anything, but godallmighty, give a girl a rest.

I am a winestone cowgirl. The game is on..I'm still playin.

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