Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No laptop yet..

No lapeetop, no happy.

It's in Canada posts warehouse in Mississauga Ontario, vegging.

It says "Item accepted and entered into sortation plant." You Canucks will know how that goes. It will be sent to Timbucktoo!

I, have a tracking number, and know how to use it. I have used it 9865 times today.

I got an email asking me not to clutter up the internet with my obsessions. Screw you Mr. It's my tracking number and I know how to use it! Just kidding, I guess you knew that.

But I have been heating up the internet for a few days tracking that adopted refurbished boy of mine.

If Madonna would have had to use a tracking number to get her adopted child from Africa, she would have done the same. I knew Madonna and I were on the same page. Fortunately, she has a million bucks and handlers and she doesn't have to use Canada Post "Ground." She probably had that little guy flown in "Express Post" is actually only 3.00 bucks more. Lucky little guy. But, I'm guessing because she is from the US of A ...he was delivered by UPS on a silve plater. Poor little tyke.

On another note: My boss has given me a new job. Office Housekeeping. Is that what the "Office Manager" does? I don't think so. So, now I get to clean the toliets, wash the bathroom floor, dust and vacuum. I have to admit, I have nothing to do half the time I am there, and I could use a little exercise.

His plan went a little awry. I'm not good at it.

I cleaned, washed, (everything was filthy) except my work area. Then I vac'd. Apprarently when he has had his son come in to do this dirty work (every weekend) I think not... he was not allowed to vaccum in his area because if always screwed up him computer.

Guess what! I cleaned and vac'd up his office. When he came back from his meeting he asked if I had vac'd his office, I said yes "boss", and can I shines your shoes too SIR".

He said, when my son and I cleaned the office on the weekends,(yeah in 1962) we noticed everytime we vac'd anywhere near my computer, it shut off. And now again, it's off! Off, Off, Off, how ever will I get on the internet to see my Hockey pools stat' how? He was shitting his pantaloons!

Gee Whilikers Hockey Bob, how ever will will fix this?

I called the computer guy, and asked him to be in the office at 8:00 AM, because I didn't want to clean anymore shit off the floor.

I got in this morning, and asked him if the computer tech had come in, and he said, no. Just no. Nothing else. Then, I said, I will call him again to see when he is coming. He said, don't bother, "I" fixed it! He said he just unplugged the computer and it reset itself. Wellllllllllllllll for the loveofmike, couldn't you have JUST said it was fixed before making me jump through all those hoops!!...and I was worried all night that I had f'd up his computer with HIS vac cleaner.

He drives me crazy, along with most of the men in my life. I may as well just put a dartboard on my face, and let them go for it.

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