Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm just a little frustrated..But what else is new.

Wireless, schmerliss, it doesn't work!! Fortheloveofpete, who in the hell invented this crap anyway. I know, Wally Wireless, who apparently was wired wrong. In total I have spent 10 hours trying to get this fucker fixed. Excuse my German, I couldn't find the umlaut on my keyboard for the U. But, I am so frustrated I could crush a rose, smack a teddy bear, or piss on somethingorother.. you name it Leroy!

The software from the router damn near took down my desktop. The CD provided is defective, as I found out today when I got the XP "blue screen"...told me I'd better go to the can right now, because in two minutes I would be shitting my drawers.

It listed the errors on my hardrive, after number 6 I started for the bathroom. I don't like to be around when bad things are happening, and tend to close my eyes and ears and pretend it will all go away. When I finally emerged, XP kindly fixed up all the nonsense my D "fricking" Link Router had caused him. It shook it's finger at me, and said "balonie, "do you hear me girl?" .... new technology is for those that can! As I wiped the screen clean of my ministry of tears and kisses, I did a back up. AH HA...That's all it takes to get me off my sorry ass. It always takes the "close call."

But my problems aren't over, now I have to take back the router, and install a new one. My laptop works 50% of the time, but there is something wrong with the whole system. The desktop and laptop are not getting along. Someone has got to go. This time I will buy the one recommended to me...not the cheap one I bought.

Live and learn. I am sure DLink is okay, but this unit is certainly crap.

I was so distracted today, with my tech friend guy on the phone for 3 hours! I couldn't seem to remember shit afterwards. I lost my camera, I couldn't find my visa bill, my rechargable batteries for the camera .. WERE DEAD AGAIN, by time I found my camera. Technology is going to give me a heart attack. Bygum.

Seems we are going to get winter tonight. It's been snowing a little all afternoon but the temp is still above freezing. We are supposed to get a couple inches before the morning. There is nothing better I like to do on a Monday morning on the first snow day. Slip sliding away!

I usually tell youse guys what I am having for Sunday night supper, but from now on, I will be letting you guess. I will give you the picture, you tell me what I had. heh. I'm tricky like that.

Are you ready....

Well, like the rest of my day, blogger pic's won't work. Just so you know, I am going to into the kitchen and sticking my head in the oven.

Ten minutes later:

Okay, so that didn't work, it seems we don't have a gas oven. Damn near lit my hair on fire with the broil element. phewww...

Marching on to next week. I can't wait to get rear ended (ahem) by a loser driver who has never driven in snow. But the good news is that my Explorer has air bags, and I can't wait till they hit me square in the face.

Happy trails, until we meet again.

Yours truly,

Roy Rogers

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