Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..

You would cry too if "61" happened to you!! ..I spent all day helping finish the patio...I know I said I would never talk about it again..but "F" I cannot believe the crap that we lifted today. I'm the hunchback of Peacock Place.

Ahhh, 61 was a piece of cake, and yes there was cake involved. Once the landmark year is over the rest just keep on rolling along.

My "Attitude Adjustment" crew was over again on our regular Saturday night "piss up" oops, I meant prayer meeting. I was overwhelmed with my two girlfriends gifts and cake and well wishing and all dat stuff. The guys (hubby and BIL) came back from their weekly motorcycle ride, and we had ourselves a partay!!

Hippy Chick, gave me beautiful roses, and made the unbelievably good...Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, that I had wished for. You can see that in the pictures, hmm providing it will come up once I request one stinkly little favour from Blogger...Let's just see! ...before I call them dipshits.

I tried uploading from blogger and photobucket..blogger didn't work..and photobucket made them too big.....I just give up already.

SIL Sheila, gave me four huge Rum & Coke glasses..with handles!! (and they are a greenish colour like the old coke bottles.) I love them a lot. One should always have a handle on a glass of rum and coke, so when you hit the ground, just won't spill it.

The flowers on the cake were real, she had just picked them from her flower garden. But we didn't eat them. This was before the wine, and common sense still prevailed.
SIL Sheila's card read: The one on the right with a pic of a dog on it...

My Dog Saw You Naked

He says your birthday suit need ironing!!

I put a few chocolate shavings of Exlax in her cake. Run ...Sheila Run.

Just an aside. When hippychick arrived, she noticed I had taken the microwave out of the bedroom and put in on the counter in the kitchen. I struggled all day trying to find a place to fit it in. It was obvious to me that the old piece of crap was going to stay on top of the Jen Air...blinking helplessly, for years to come. So, then while she was in the kitchen and about to come onto the deck where I was sitting, she yelled " Joan, why did you put the microwave in the kitchen?" I yelled back, "because I was tired of doing it in the bedroom."...I never gave a second thought of what I said until I saw my neighbour right across the fence, who had just come out her patio door..standing still with her mouth open! and looking in our direction ... she was shocked. Fertheloveofamicrowave!! I was shocked too, because that is not what I meant, I meant I was tired of MICROWAVING in the bedroom.. We laughed our asses off at that all night. You should have seen her face!! Then, after I realized what she might be thinking, I yelled back in the house.."ummm that sounded dirty"!

Okay, the nights not over yet. It was getting cool, so we went into the kitchen. There we partook of some more wine and rums and coke, and I opened all my prezzies, and then we had cake.

After cake, my BIL said to Gord, "how long are you going to keep that old microwave sitting on top of the Jenn air? It doesn't work. It looks like shit. What is your problem?". Gord, just shrugged his shoulders, because he is in love with it. He loves pressing her pads. Ron BIL, said, Joan, "give me a screwdriver I'm taking this thing off of here right now, it's my birthday present to you!" YAAAAAAAAAAAH... so of course Gord was outnumbered, as my girlfriends were cheering Ron along. Ten minutes later we got that ugly head off my Jenn Air. R2D2 is dead. But, they put the unit on my deck. It still lives...and I might just see Gord sneaking out at night trying to press her pads.

My kitchen looks so big now, without the big head.

Okay..another good thing.. a prezzie from Gord.

Guess what it is?

New Microwave..noooo

Guess again.

A personal heart Defibulator...close..

It was ...a ...drum roll......................................


I am over the moon people..right over it, I don't even care that my sofa is 25 years old and my clothes come from value village..only by choice mind you...but this is the very best. Dell....look out.

I might even touch some of his "pads" tonight..heh..

Sunday night supper:

Sweet and Sour Baybee Back Ribs
Rice (with SS sauce)
Nice salad.

AND..cake. I still have half a cake left from yesterday.

Not so good news: My family forgot my Bday:(...but's that's okay Gord's family is more like my own anyway, they all remembered I am ready to accept that. More than ever. More on that at another date.

I'm eating cake as we speak, most of it is on the the floor, and on my keyboard fercryingoutloud, and my feet are sticking to the floor.....but nevermind the dog is here and has cleaned up the mess, and is now licking the cream cheese icing off me tickles~~

On to 62.

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